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Hello world! August 17, 2009

Posted by Swifty in Uncategorized.

Heh. Yes, hello indeed (:

So, today was a rather splendid day !

Of sorts.

Well, I wonder out to the world, why ? Why is there a lovely world out here in this place, and yet, many people hide behind their ‘sorrows’ ? Is there any reason for it ?

Although I may not be a religious soul, I do believe that we should use this life to its furthest and uttermost extent. It’s part of who we are.  Is there actually a point to all this ? I’m actually pretty sure there is. I have quite a lot of acquaintances that believe life just ain’t worth living. What don’t they understand ? Are they simply blinded by their lust for such attention that they recieve only for a moment at a time ? Why don’t they just try to make something out of their life, perhaps, even become someone who is to be remembered by everyone ? It’d be brilliant for that to occur.

On another note, I’d like to say that I thoroughly dislike people who give crap to other people and not be able to recieve any back. By crap I mean bitching and the sorts, you know what girls do when they’ve had their boyfriend stolen by someone else. But coming from a guy ? That’s something new. What do you have? The mind of a oestrogen pumped 13 year old girl who’s having her first period ? Grow up, you asshole.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s mild rant. If I can be bothered to post more, I’m sure I will. (:

– Raptor



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