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LOL. August 20, 2009

Posted by Swifty in Uncategorized.

Well, today was a much rather splendid day !

Aha! Well, to see a good friend on the train this morning was most definately one of the better points of today, though as I must say, I didn’t say much, nor do I usually.

This brings me to my first and foremost topic that I’d like to talk about; what is with people and not appearing who they are ?

I admit, I do this too, to some extent. Actually, to be honest, I do it to quite a large extent, but that’s not the point at the moment. Why do people do this ? What have they got to gain from it ? I see that sometimes you want to leave who you were and be someone else, perhaps someone better, or someone worse. Just that moment in which you can be bad, good or both. But is it worth what we sacrifice ? One on hand, we’re sacrificing one relationship for another. We could completely disregard who we were before to completely indulge ourselves in our current standing, but my question is this: For what is this any use to us ? We’re in the same situation, but just with different people. It’s like my view on porn. It’s the same thing every time, just different people doing it, thus results in rather boring outcomes.

Why be different ? Isn’t it conformist when you don’t want to conform ? Whether you want to or not, you’re always conforming to something. After all, there are 6 billion people in this world. And the population is still growing ! So, no doubt, someone has already been you/will be you. You can’t change that.

That’s all for now (:

– Raptor



1. Deft-Monkey - August 20, 2009

Oh, I like this post.
I think I made a similar post a while back, can’t remember which.
People say nowadays that it is a conformist idea to not conform, but seriously, we hear that so much that it’s starting to lose meaning. Who cares if it’s considered conformist to try breaking the chains of conformity? (I’m using this word too much)
I’d rather be likened to others for that one thing then allowing myself to be sucked into to a world in which we just all follow each other. I like things to stray – they intrigues me.

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