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This Rollercoaster Ride is Just Getting Started August 20, 2009

Posted by Charith in Uncategorized.

So all aboard, boys and girls! Join in on the fun.

I just strapped myself in not too long ago and now I’ll put an end to this tedious relating to a rollercoaster ride.

Hey guys and girls, you can just cut my name and call me Deft. It’s simpler and requires less effort than typing in the extra… Wait, let me just get out my finger calculator… 7 characters, or 6 if you decide that you prefer ‘Deft-Money’ over ‘Deft-Monkey’.

I plan on helping Raptor out here, to provide any readers out there with a satisfying fix of whatever floats your boats. Don’t stay content for too long though, otherwise it will be back to the moon with me.

Know that I have motivational issues, so the more comments I get, the more chance there’ll be that I make regular posts. Don’t let me get lazy online, please! I’m used to being that guy who reads other people’s posts and makes comments on them. Trust me when I say that authors love people who comment because their might be something that we miss in our post and/or might find intriguing.

Consider this to be my soft post. I’ll make my first proper one soon when I actually figure how to conjure it out of this fuddy head of mine.

– Deft



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