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Fantasy. August 21, 2009

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Why, hello !

I’m just here to talk about the fact that I, quite frankly, enjoy watching videos of pointless things. However, I do stop at the Saw series. I’m sure as you all know, the Saw series is quite simply of the most gory and blood filled movies ever made. I don’t understand how anyone could have come up with that. But anyway. Lol.

On to a more … relevant topic, I’d like to say that I have found motivation ! It’s amazing, I know, but still ! Motivation. It’s the one the thing that we find to be the hardest thing to find. I don’t know how I found it, but I’m happy that I found it. I was talking with a friend today about the spoils of life/war/whatever, and we both came to the conclusion that war is, quite simply, a need for life to go on. People need something to fight for. Otherwise they won’t fight. You might say that if there is nothing to fight for, then they’ll be no fights. I suppose  you’re right, to an extent. But the truth is, if you have nothing to fight for, you’ll be fighting for something one way or another. It’s just whether or not a country is fighting for it. War. One of the most disputed and fought over things. The media fights it on so many fronts. The soldiers are fighting for so many reasons. Soldiers. I believe every soldier of the Vietnam War should be given as much respect as any other soldier. Maybe not the commanding officers, but most definately the men on the ground, hearing the screams of the comrades, watching the men they fought with get blown to bloody shreds. The things they’ve seen equals the things that previous veterans have seen. A quote from Jarhead “Men who have seen war never stop seeing.” That quote itself is true. We all hear the stories of veterans coming back from war changed, and we feel sorry for them. But what did we do to the ones from Vietnam ? We spat on them, and despised them because we heard stories from the media that said they had killed innocents. Sure, they may have. But so what ? It’s a part of war. No doubt innocents were killed during the World Wars. No doubt innocents were killed during the current wars. But we didn’t spit on those soldiers they came back. What makes the Vietnam vets so different ? In my eyes, nothing. They are heroes from another generation. They are heroes that should be as exalted as the rest of them.

War is a part of every countries history. Every country was carved from war. Taiwan, China, America, Australia, England, France. The list goes on. Life goes on.

– Raptor




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