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Imagery August 22, 2009

Posted by Swifty in Uncategorized.

What is this vivid imagery that we see day in, day out ? This beautiful sunset, this brilliant sunrise. Yet, for some, it is not enough. They seem to want more, and in the end, the seem to have more. But is it a good thing, I ask ?

What is with the materialistic people in our world that we see everyday ? It really gets on my nerves. People have got to look perfect for them. “Oh my God, you’re so ugly” <— Like honestly, grow up. Although it wasn’t said to me, it was said to a friend of mine. I wanted to slap that woman in the face, but I have my morals, so I didn’t. My friend, however, is absolutely stunning. If not for my current feelings for another girl, I would, no doubt have feelings for her. But back to the topic of materialism. Why is it this way ? What is so good about looking good ? Sure, if you look ‘ugly’ you may get a lot of crap from other people, but if you have a strong self motivation or self image, why bother ? You shouldn’t let what other people say bring you down. In my opinion, it is not the opinions of others that matter, but more, your own. Because in the end, it is you that decides what happens to you, not them.

If anyone feels down, feel free to contact me, since I have nothing better to do than to soak up your melancholic moods. As a friend once said to me “You are a sponge of emotions, soaking in a sea of perpetual melancholy”.

Yours Sincerely, Raptor.



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