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Judgement Day, Everyday August 22, 2009

Posted by Charith in Uncategorized.

For thirty days. But on a slightly more serious note, do you ever feel that you’re constantly being judged by other people? It’s such a hassle, being pressured to perform (in several ways, perverts) to the best of some ability that we’re expected to have. Some people lie in wait, with a Gavel of Judgement conveniently tucked into their belts, ready to pounce on those of us who achieve a mere certificate of merit. What possesses human beings to go scrutinising our every action?

I personally think that when it regards our peers, they search for anything that they can – any flaw, any weakness – as to make them believe that they’re better than us. Nice try kiddies, but you’re greedy. In finding one way to compliment yourselves, you’ll marvel at the novelty of being a rung higher on the ladder than the person next to you and decide that you want more of this. Why let the novelty wear off?

Well, the answer to that is an easy one – nothing lasts forever. In the end, what good will feeling all high and mighty do? Where will it take you in the world? No place far, figuratively speaking.

So stop squinting at others and give your eyes a break. People get more out of taking a good look at themselves first, and hey, who knows, you might actually like what you see.

– Deft



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