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Fresh Off the Motherfucking Boat August 23, 2009

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

Fobs. Now we all know what they are and who they are. But do we really know how to define them? As we see everyday in the streets, they swarm the masses. Like asians among white people, although that’s a pretty stupid comparison but I can’t think of anything better.

When we look at a group of fobs, there are always different ones we can catagorise them into. There are the “gangsta” fobs who wear really provocative clothing (not the good kind) and really look like they want to pick a fight with you despite the fact that they will lose no matter what. Then there are the “cute” fobs. Funnily enough, cute fobs aren’t even cute most of the time but rather more generically fucked-up looking. Like hippies in the modern era. Something about them just screams ‘please fucking shoot me’ and yet they are still proud of who they are and what the look like. Obviously some respect goes into that until you remember that they are fobs and go back to the good ‘ol shooting bit. Anyway, moving on. Gamer fobs are fucking funny. No matter what game they play, beating them in it is always a good lol you’ll be having with your friends and family in future. It’s just so stereotypical that asians play games but it’s just so damn funny when they play it because they take it so seriously and it seems like it’s to the point where the whole balance of the universe is strung up infront of them. Though they aren’t as interesting as my next catagory. In fact, I’m going to start a whole new paragraphy for what is next.

Homosexual fobs. Now, with these ones, you don’t tend to pick them out straight away and take a bit of time discerning them from the rest of the fobulation. They can act all normal and nice but something inside them wants to touch up little kiddies (no Kendrick, this doesn’t include you) and other men. Seriously, they are the scariest kind I have ever met. And they dress extremely retardedly, kind of in the manner gangsta fobs do except they want you to beat them up even more.

Now I’m sure I’m barely scraping the surface here with these different species of fob. But there’s one kind that I’d really like to bring up and that’s because, I find them rather interesting (in a good way that is). FOMB. Yes I know, I made it up. But you can actually define them into a whole different group of fobs. They are the ones who hide in the shadows and all normal like. They are the natural fobs but don’t show it. I’m not saying they should be proud of hiding their true identity but it sure does improve their quality of life not having the shit taken out of them for being the ‘fkn azn’.

That’s ’bout it. – Geo



1. Another Soul - August 24, 2009

>.< So which FOB am I ? D:

2. Another Soul - August 24, 2009

OH YEAH. Gamer fobs make me lul too !
I met one and dissed DoTA and he RAGED.
Like OMG.

3. Deft-Monkey - August 24, 2009

Says Kendrick, who shouts out “GG” in the real world.

4. Miz - August 26, 2009

this is funny ;)

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