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So Asiahhhh lahhhh. August 24, 2009

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

This is going to be a short one.

Okay. Asian parents. Tuition. Something about that sounds relatively normal, and it is. It’s perfectly normal for Asian parents to send their children to tutoring for intent education. But what they fail to grasp, is why you would. Generally the point of sending, as I stated before, for an indepth learning. As some of you who have gone or still do go, they do stack quite a large amount of homework for you to do which only adds to your list of to-dos which might already be piled up to your ceiling. Then there are kids, like me, who are just too lazy to do work and are suffering and falling behind in school but for some prudent decision, they still send their children for extra education which in turn extra work.

What the fuck? Some of us are already failing but now you think by giving us even more work, it’s somehow going to help? Mostly at tutors, they cover the basics very vaguely and push onto you more advanced work related to the topic at hand and expect you to learn it just like that. Somehow I don’t think Asian parents think it through enough. Straight up, it comes to their mind when they see the report or some sort of negative comment otherwise, “HEY Johnny, what the fuck son? You messing up in school costing me shitloads. I send you to tutor and you get more work and I pay big dollah for you to succeed. You hear me?”

Seriously, just shut the fuck up and go sit in your lonely little corner and fap away like Kendrick does every night. Personally, I reckon we should get to choose whether or whether not we would like to get tuition. Sure that does sound a bit stupid and most, if not all, would say no to. But think about that, if you were offered tuition with no pressure and you were keeping up with work in school already, wouldn’t you want to see how much you can push your limit? I’m pretty sure you would.

Anyway, the point is; Asian parents need to think things through a bit more thoroughly and run it past their children a bit more intently rather than forcing all that pressure and work onto them. It’s unecessary and unhelpful.

– Geo



1. Deft-Monkey - August 24, 2009

Ah, you do what I do – find a private tutor who doesn’t give you work.
I just take my work to him and I do it there. Anything I need help with, he helps me. As a bonus feature, I get free soft drinks.

You seem to have left out one of the parents’ reasons – “Because we love you” D’aawww, then stop hounding me woman! (Not meaning to be sexist, but that’s the way it works in my household)

2. Geo - August 24, 2009

Yes well, I didn’t want to go too deep into all of that. I really just forgot private tutors existed for a brief twenty minutes.

3. Sunny - August 25, 2009

tutoring does help
if you want it and try make it work for you

if you don’t give a fuck, there is no chance of doing well, but there is a chance of fucking up, so you might as well give a fuck
it’s a cyclic notion

obviously the lack of effort is going to show

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