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Newer Things. August 25, 2009

Posted by Swifty in Uncategorized.

Hello there.

As to all you motherfuckers out there. I’m not in the mood to care so much about what I’m typing about, but whatever.

Firstly, what is with these “Internet Warriors” ? I think the idea is stupid. Yes, I believe I am a partial IW (I can’t be fucked typing out the whole thing). Which is gay, but anyway. Internet warriors. Like that Year 9 kid in our schools who’s going to get shanked if the damn Year 10’s had some better skills at finding people. He pissed some people off via the internet, and now he’s getting his punishment. I say big fuckin’ deal.

Secondly, you heavy drinks are all assclowns. What’s the point of getting drunk at almost every possible moment ? Tell me, honestly. Yes, I’m talking about you. And you. Grow the fuck up. No one thinks you’re cool/awesome/whatever it is that you think you are.

Thirdly, what’s so bad about being Asian ? Honestly speaking. If you’re hating Asians because your dad’s an ass, I’ll tell you this. It’s because your dad’s a dickhead, and NOT because he’s Asian. Fuckin’ grow up.

Fourth. People give a damn, so don’t act like they don’t

Fifth. Goodbye

– Raptor



1. Geo - August 25, 2009

IW are funny. Let’s just hope the newer generation of kids don’t get too influenced.

2. Lemmer - August 26, 2009

wha? internet warriors? KODSI WAS HERE

3. rozz - August 30, 2009

Oh Geo, I love you so.

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