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Burn Burn Burn the French! August 27, 2009

Posted by Charith in Television.

Surely, I jest? But of course, monsieurs and madames. (Leave my French alone – I haven’t attempted any in years)

Well, as promised, my second post for today. I’m hoping this one will turn out to be lighthearted, as the last one doesn’t appeal much to my tastes. Deep & Meaningful just isn’t my style and I can’t write it well, but what’s done is done.

This is where it’s at – right here, right now. If you find my advertising distasteful, well then too bad, you’re going to have to put up with it if you want to get much further into this post. I don’t have a particular passion for sharing my own interests with anyone and everyone who stumbles across this WordPress. It just happens – like Geo’s ‘little’ sister.

Well, tonight at 9.30 EST (that’s UTC +10 hours, if you don’t happen to be in Australia) will be aired what is I believe episode 2 of Burn Notice season 2. For anyone overseas who has Burn Notice over there, you’re probably ahead of this backwater place, so bear with me. I have no need to explain or even outline the happenings of this episode, mainly because I’m lazy and think it to be a pointless effort.

For any of you who are still in the dark, Burn Notice is an American television series about the man, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), who was a spy, before being given a ‘burn notice’, which is the signal to let you know that you have been outed, so to speak. That was basically all covered in the first episode of the series, although at the beginning of every episode, the narration, done by Westen, briefly gives an explanation as to why he’s living in Miami. He carries out jobs for people who need his help while at the same time trying to discover who ‘burned’ him and get even. Or so I suspect, as his true intentions haven’t been revealed yet.

Michael Westen is extremely resourceful and reminds me a little of MacGyver in this sense. His ability to use common, store-bought materials to create some neat bells and whistles is made highly intriguing with his real time narration, which describes the the ‘how’ of everything that he does. He’s not a boring narrator either – his tone actually adds to the entertainment quality.

This show would be nothing without humour, like many a television series. A lot of the comic relief comes from Westen’s friend/informant, Sam, and an ex-IRA/ex-girlfriend, Fiona. She’s got a tender spot for firearms, which I find simply adorable.

Well, that was a lot of pretty bland description, but I hope it compels you to watch at least one episode of this series if you haven’t already. It seriously made me shake with delight at the sheer quality of it. Obviously it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it should at least be respected as a well-made program.

Oh, and for anyone who’s interested, writing about this has made me feel quite nostalgic, so how would you like to have ANOTHER post in one night? I know that I would, and besides, I didn’t deliver the lightheartedness that I was so looking forward to in this post. So be hwaiting! (Good job if you get it, don’t ask if you don’t)

Credits: http://stickypalms.blogspot.com/2009/04/england-u21s-0-france-u21s.html




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