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Spy Kids August 27, 2009

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We fight as a family! - How sentimental

"We fight as a family!" - How sentimental

How incredibly brilliant. I saw all 3. They were absolute dribble after the first. What is sad was that I knew that before even deciding to see them, so shame on me. What’s even more depressing is that I seem to have devoted an entire title and paragraph to the trilogy, not that it deserves to be called thusly. What a waste of your time, but that’s why you’re here isn’t it? Or perhaps it was because I kept biting at your heels until you’d had enough and decided to just come here so that I’d leave you alone. If it worked, I have no regrets, excluding this paragraph.

Well, as the fingers and joints on my left hand grow more sore with each paragraph that I type, (thanks Mr. Metal Pole and Lemmer) this probably ought to be my last post for tonight. 3 is enough to give you all your fix though, I hope.

Well, like I mentioned in my previous post, I felt nostalgic after writing about Burn Notice. The whole concept of spies is one that has been fascinating to me since I was knee-high to the girls of SNSD(the tallest is only 170 cm, so yeah, when I was pretty small). What young boy could resist the appeal of spies? They had style, were sly, cunning and even got action – the best of worlds.

This was at the stage of my life when I was starting to lose my interest in Batman and Power Rangers and starting to realise that girls were more than just the scum of the Earth(don’t worry, it’s a 7 year old thing). Thinking back, my mental image of a spy was not too different from the gear that the guys in the Matrix wear. Main difference that I can recall was that I thought spies all had spiked hair, as of course they couldn’t be cool without artificial hair shaping!

I used to try being a spy, making wrist mounted missile launchers using toilet paper rolls, cutout pieces of paper, textas, sellotape and a pair of scissors. Oh, the adventures of childhood, how they do make me smirk. On top of the missile launchers, I would get my sister to gel my hair and spike it for me – what a demanding prat of a little brother I am was.

When birthdays and Christmases came by, I would always request, ever so nicely, of course, spying gadgets. Unfortunately, none of the higher tech toys existed back then and I only saw them in stores a few a years after my phase had ended.

Even long after my passion for those men and women of the secret profession was well and truly in the past, I never grew tired of movies about spies. James Bond was always a favourite, Agent Cody Banks was entertaining in a corny way and of course, Spy Kids still holds a place in my heart.

I believe that the concept of spies will always intrigue me to some extent, as they add a new, exciting aspect to life. Life is boring without surprises around the corner. Get used to it, kiddies, but never tired of it, else you’ll find yourself extremely exhausted in a miniscule amount of time.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the reading today, because I had fun with some of the writing. Yes, not everything is something that I like to write and post, but there’s a part of me that’s hellbent on defying me, so what to do?

– Deft



1. Lemmer - August 31, 2009

lol, the irony-what a spy looks like- hmm well if they had a look they’d be unable to successfully spy u realise that right?

2. Deft-Monkey - August 31, 2009

Yes well, from what I remember back in the day, getting caught seemed to be quite the popular trend with spies.

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