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Trading an Eye for a Mind's Eye August 27, 2009

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Good eve to you all, ladies and gents. On behalf of the team, I’d just like to apologise to anyone who dropped by yesterday to find no new posts. There is, what I think is, a half decent reason for why Geo, Kendrick or I posted yesterday, that being our preoccupation with studying for today’s in-class English assessment task. Representation of the truth – it’s nasty stuff, so make sure to only ever approach it with a 10 metre long pole and if it moves or even so little as bats an eyelid, hurl away your thongs (the type that cover less of your genitals) and put one foot down on the ground after the other in the opposite direction as Speedy Gonzalez-style as you can muster. If that actually made some coherent sense, I tip my hat to both you and myself. Keeps the ol’ self esteem up, you see. Beats talking to myself, as well.

Now, tangents aside, I bought an iPod Touch last Saturday with my annual birth compensation payment. It only has 8 gigabytes of space on it (7 if you want to realise by how much Apple cheats their customers), but I’m still finding it quite nifty, with it being my first portable mp3 player ever. After having dragged my lifeless body through doors, tunnels and any area in general for 17 years, I felt that it was time for me to become a man.

In many respects, I was already of the male species, but there was always something missing – a phallus that left me quite incomplete. I have evolved, digivolved even (considering our technology-driven generation), as far as I can go I think. Sorry ladies, this face isn’t getting better any time in this lifetime.

Now with the epiphany all well and done away with, I’d like to express a little of my hate towards Macs gratitude to my iPod. Only up until some time last year was I rather an antisocial kind of kid. I couldn’t really talk to other people in real life because I didn’t know how to. I mostly stuck to myself and dwelled in various places scattered across the interwebs. It was absolutely brilliant, save the tendency of feeling depressed on a nearly daily basis.

Thinking back, I really enjoyed my days back then and what I was like. I was a creative, young whippersnapper, who had some talent when it came to putting pen to paper and fingertips to laptop keyboard. I even wrote a short story, that is hard to even call a story, due to the absence of defined characters and a plotline. It was more of just an idea. I adore ideas. I wish I had them all the time.

Unfortunately, this could not be the case. As I started to increasingly interact with people in real life, my attention to detail diminished, and my creativity along with it. The inability to write well took quite a toll on me. I didn’t even want to acknowledge myself for the person I had become because I felt ashamed for losing one of the few gifts given to me.

Wondering whatever happened to thanking my new gadget? Probably not as this slightly long winded tale of betrayal and self loathing, has fabricated for you a pretty vivid idea of what is to come next. Regardless, I’ll share because I don’t care how intelligent you are.

As many of you may have heard or known, mp3 players are used as a means of listening to music on the move. Nowadays, several have the ability to play videos as well and some even have gaming capabilities. All of these things have combined to divert my attention from the distractions of the outside world, and have made my mind withdraw into its spotless shell just the slightest bit. SHELLDER used WITHDRAW!

Now, I feel re-energised and am eager to write again. Blogging isn’t a bad start I should think. In fact, I think I’ll make a second post tonight, to make up for yesterday’s lack of.

If you were a netizen who wasn’t interested in the sexual side of life, I’d seem so hot right now. Am I right? Am I right? “No, go and play with yourself. Don’t come back until you’ve matured a few more years”

– Deft



1. Another Soul - August 27, 2009

Apple doesn’t cheat their customers. The people who develop the HDD’s do.
Those stingy bastards refuse to scale in 1024MB per GB. Instead, they do 1000MB per GB.
Bastards !

2. Sunny - August 27, 2009

first mp3?
you’ve been robbed of a way to channel your puberty angst

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