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Relay of an unrelayable text August 28, 2009

Posted by Swifty in Uncategorized.

Well, I haven’t written anything here in a while. As you may know, and also as Deft had said, I’d been studying up for my English Assessment task on the past Thursday. Well, I’m back, so that’s all right :D

I’ve noticed a couple of things recently, and it has come to my attention that the amount of arrogance (Yes, I’ve spoke of this before) of the lower grades in our school are increasing. I’m also sure that this is not a unique phenomena and thus I say that this could be a problem for us all. I propose a solution: ignorance.

This comes to my main topic. Is ignorance bliss ? My answer is yes. This is for a number of reasons. For example,

THIS is ignorance of the worser things we do.

THIS is ignorance of the worser things we do.

Of course you’re going to say I’m crazy. Our ignorace can’t be to the extent that we have no sympathy for the people that soldiers shoot. But don’t forget that quite a lot of the men and women who served in the armed forces came back with things that could not be forgotton. Ignorance could be the solution. I’m not saying that we create an army of soulless, mindless soldiers, but rather the opposite; an army of soldiers who have emotion, but refuse to think about what they would think about. This may not make sense right now, because it doesn’t make sense to me. It seemed to work better in my mind, but nonetheless, the idea remains.

Also, I’d like to propose my theory of how the world is going to end. As we all know, the Universe started with the Big Bang. There are many theories behind what there was before it and the main one is this: there wasn’t much, only a “God” particle. As for me, I say that our current state, that is, our existence at this very moment in time is only the latest in a trillion year cycle. All the previous Universe’s have begun with a Bang, and ended with a Crunch. Of course, the next crunch is billions of years away, but it still does make me wonder what it is going to be like. Is it going to be painful ? Brilliant ? Wonderful ? Unfortunately, I’ll never know, but nonetheless.

Now, off to Alisha’s place ;p

– Raptor



1. Speckled Jim - August 29, 2009

Im gonna be really mean and tell you that a crunch in this universe is impossible because the rate of expansion of the universe is actually increasing thanks to the cosmological constant (or lambda). NOT EVEN GOD CAN SAVE YOU FROM SCIENCE!


Love, Speckled Jim

2. Another Soul - August 29, 2009

There’s still enough theories about the rate of expansion to say that it’s not. In fact, the Cyclic Theory is the most promising, as it fits in with multiple theories, minus the ever expanding Universe.

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