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The Devil Wears Prada – I Wear More Affordable Duds August 29, 2009

Posted by Charith in Fashion.

I happened to be at some shopping center today, in a frantic search for a proper jacket that could be worn with collared shirts – my hoodies just don’t pass as acceptable. It shouldn’t have been uproarious at all, as winter is coming to an end, but my own desire had ideas of its own.

I’m terribly remorseful that I have an interest in fashion to some extent, but I can’t see why it must be such a sin for males to possess a passion, no matter how slight, for it. I personally blame the stereotype of women being oh-so fashion conscious. I liken it to telling guys that fashion just isn’t for them. Thanks boys and girls, for making trying to make a stereotype a reality.

I don’t consider myself, or every other specimen with a Y chromosome, to be a content Caucasian ‘bloke’ who is content to just “slap on a singlet, boardies and thongs” and be “set”. It’s far from my belief that walking around as if in a pool area makes one look ‘hot’. Not that that’s what I look for in people, but I opted to use terminology familiar to those “set” people.

My fashion sense itself isn’t anything to be proud of, either. I’m about as stylish as Ash Ketchum (gotta ketchum all!) and unfortunately I don’t have the Pokémon world to make up for it. Despite my shortcomings, I am making an attempt to rid myself of this retardation.

So, back to the point, if there ever was one, I went to a shoe shop as my older sister was looking for a new pair. Just as well she was, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to the shops without looking like a complete loner. Although admittedly, I prefer being alone than being lonely.

Anyway – shoes. While my dear sibling was looking at/trying on pairs of shoes (I didn’t take a glance to see how many exactly), I saw sitting on a shelf, a most magical, grey and white shoe that shone in the 7 colours of the rainbow. I believe that I was quite infatuated with the item of clothing that was almost certainly ‘Made in China’. It was a smart, but casual type, just what I suddenly had been looking for.

I was instantly bombarded with the impulse to try them on and buy them. I even had managed to convince my good ol’ daddio that I needed a pair of those Devil’s playmates. Temptation is a fickle thing.

To resist the urge to buy upon an impulse (the fact that they were on sale didn’t help), I had to fight tooth and nail – with myself. The inner turmoil was unfathomable, but here’s a rough idea of what was running through my head at the time:-

“You could wear these”

“I don’t need them!”

“But you could wear them”

“I have shoes – don’t need them!”

“But these shoes are niiiicccee”

“I’ve got… nice… shoes…”

“Not even you buy that, right?”


“Indeed, a very nice pair of shoes”

… So on and so forth. Oh, how cunning my evil side is. Yet I do have quite a soft spot for it – I’d be about as sharp as a brick without it.

There’s a part of me that’s still tearing itself apart for turning away from one swingin’ pair of shoes, but I think a little more of myself now for not being too hasty. I’m also grateful that my wallet didn’t lose weight – it’s fine the way it is, as I’d like to tell most women, but their curves in all the wrong places make me reconsider.

I’m sure that I’ll treat myself to something rather pleasant once I get a job, but until then, I ought to preserve the waning cash supply. I have a hunch, though, that as my passion for fashion (original, I know) grows, the weight of my money purse wallet will dwindle, until it is deemed anorexic and will be taken to a rehabilitation clinic, much like Mary-Kate Olsen should have been. Or maybe still should be?

Credits: http://www.geekologie.com/2008/04/13-week/ I recommend that you check it out if you’re into trivial happenings in the technological world.

– Deft



1. rozz - August 30, 2009

Oh I heart geekologie; though I don’t like to admit it.

Everyone’s got the evil side that succumbs to the retail. : D
Even boyss.

2. Lemmer - August 31, 2009

ooh i heart fashion but i’m with u on the dwindling cash thingo… Oh to work in a clothing store and get awesome discounts like a couple of here-to-fore unmentioned frienvious(yes its my new words for friends that make u envious) people..

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