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Raisins or Sultanas? August 30, 2009

Posted by Charith in Food, Life experience.

Frankly, I could care a lot less about the difference between the two. Probably something to do with the periods of time needed to age the grapes or whatever it is they those oh-so respectable sultana-/raisin-forgers do. For me, all I need to know is that both are just as disgusting as one another.

Yes, ever since I was a wee, lil’ tike, I have had an aversion to “sintanas”. As the hybrid name suggests, they are quite the evil incarnate. They rear their ugly heads in places that you never want to see them. Your love interest being one of those places.

For example, I was having quite a pleasant dinner with my parents about 2 years ago. My sister was overseas, so my parents went into ‘clingwrap’ mode. We were at a Chinese restaurant where I’d never eaten at before and will never eat at again for that matter. The dinner was below average, in my opinion – a tad bit bland. Now, the highlight of the night (I seem to be on fire with his rhyming biznich), was the dessert. I was looking through the menu and saw “Fried Ice Cream With a Surprise Inside!”

Well, that happened to be the first time in my life that I had ever tried fried ice cream. I was always apprehensive with the idea of hot and cold all together in the one dish. Although thinking about it now, Katy Perry’s song happens to only add to the negatives of fried ice cream.

However, I fought against the voice of reason drumming into my skull like a hail of bullets (I’d rather not mention the caliber of the rounds), and I ordered that dessert. There was nothing that could have prepared me for what happened next.

As the waitress wearing what I’d consider to be too much makeup weaved her way through the maze of tables, chairs and dining patrons, I eyed the prize atop her silver coloured platter. Sitting there in a simple, plain white plate was a brittle parcel coated in icing sugar, holding what I could have only guessed to be the churned and iced milk of cow. It, in all honesty, appeared to be absolutely delicious.

Using the edge of my teaspoon, I lightly broke the delicate, pastry parcel and closed my eyes, enjoying the sound that it made. Easing my spoon into the ice cream still largely concealed by the outer shell, I took what was a smaller-than-usual scoop. Marvelling at the sight of the golden, crisp cover upon my metallic eating utensil, I gently separated the contents from its carrying vessel with my mouth. I allowed the combination of hot and cold to flood my senses and I revelled in blissful moment. However, this was not to last much longer.

Starting to chew, as I do with ice cream from a bowl, my lefthand side molar teeth bit into something sickeningly sweet. I gasped for air, and shot out a hand for my glass of water as my vision went hazy, my body numb.

When I came to, I discovered, much to my horror and the amusement of my company, raisins scattered throughout my ice cream. My heart sank as the realisation of the surprise’s identity became apparent. I could no longer bear to look at the tainted dish.

In the end, my father ate the rest of the dessert. I severed all connections of possession with it after knowing the fried ice cream for what it really was – a monster. To this day, I have never had fried ice cream since.

Credits: http://g2.palmbeachpost.com/blogs/content/shared-blogs/palmbeach/streeter/entries/2006/01/


I wasn’t going to make a post today, as I really ought to be studying for my 4 assessments in school this week, but Raptor made a post yesterday and Geo went on a road trip with his rock-clinging friend around through Gosford. If anyone there happens to see a crapbox crawling about the place, give them a shout. I was going to write about coffee as well in this post, but the “sintana” stuff took up more room than I had expected. I guess the coffee *boo* *hiss* post will just have to wait for another time. Remind me to write about it if you don’t see it in this next week.

– Deft



1. EM - August 30, 2009

charith dear. i would like to hav one of those marital bickers with you here and defend sultanas/raisins….partly because you made me. xx
anyways they are a very nutritious n yummy snack. n i sound really gay but i survived off them for the whole of duke of ed. they arent that bad! n for ur punishment i m gna slip them in all your food now when u arent lookin sweetheart. so u better watch out!
think twice honey.
em xx

2. EM - August 30, 2009

because i love u that much im willing to share. thats wat marriage is about ey?
wats urs is mine bby!

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