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Pluto Isn't a Planet August 31, 2009

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Dont worry, Pluto, its really not as bad as it looks

Don't worry, Pluto, it's really not as bad as it looks

Indeed, this truth was discovered several years ago now, yet the aftershock is still affecting me.  Pluto was that cute, little, blue (it was blue, yeah?) planet that you just couldn’t stay mad at. If it ever did anything to wrong you, your irritation would disappear before you even knew it was there, all because of that the fact that it was the adorable 9th planet in our galaxy.

But I suppose good things just can’t last, huh? It was a love affair that still hasn’t left my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely let go of Pluto. I’ll miss you, old friend.

My love of rocks aside (I actually still have my rock collection from when I was 6 years old), so many things in life are deemed to be something they’re not. You develop an interest, only to have your heart torn to pieces when the truth is made apparent. There is an enormous range of what can come under this poor classification of “realinots”. Sorry, I seem to be lacking creativity today.

Food is always a popular subject. Some of us eat too much while the rest eat too little, there is no “just right” like in Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We eat things thinking that they are something that they, sadly, are not. This can include kangaroo being described to you as chicken by your mother (I liked it anyway, so it doesn’t really phase me), chilli sauce being [insert profane language] “hot” and of course, last but certainly not least, surprise sintanas in your dessert. Nobody likes to be given false information. Unless you’re weird. Then you’d might as well not even be reading this post if that’s the case.

The most common example of realinots is people. They seem to have a knack at deceiving each other. If you like someone, you’ll lie to make them like you back if that’s what is required, otherwise you’ll forge the truth against them if they just happen to not be your favourite person in the world. This kind of cretinous filth is what I dislike the most – I hate have a strong bias against superficiality. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Brushing and mouthwash can only do so much.

I choose to be brutally honest. It doesn’t make me the most likable being that you could ever meet, but I’d prefer it over having someone wearing a figurative mask that conceals their ugly side. I find these poor excuses for cover petty – I think that deep fried chicken looks better than you, anyway.

As I can see that this is starting to nosedive, I’ll pull back on the throttle a little. I find deception fine as long as it’s only to hide some of your own characteristics from the real world. I just don’t approve of people using it to manipulate others.

Tarnation, I didn’t expect the this post to turn out like this. Now I need to scrap the draft for my next post as it makes me seem like a hypcrite. Oh well, I’m determined to finish up on a good note!

So, when I thought up the relatively witless title for this post, I was thinking of getting an image of Sailor Pluto (from the Sailor Moon series) crying or at least looking sad, but she just doesn’t have enough of a role in the show as the mere Guardian of the Gate of Time and Keeper of the Time Keys. Pshaw, useless side characters. Looking through a vast amount of images on the internet, the nostalgia crept upon me and I craved a little Sailor Moon. I’m not an otaku in the slightest and this is irrelevant to the video I’m about to post, but Sailor Saturn was one hell of looker. It’s a shame that she’s so young. I do not condone pedophilia.

Gosh, I had forgotten just how hot Tuxedo Mask was. He was my role model when I was a kid.

There was an ending song that I wanted to find as well, not the first one, as that’s exactly the same as the first opening, just with a different animation sequence. Finding these things in English is challenging… All I remember was that it was in one of the later seasons with Rini AKA Mini Moon or whatever she was called.

Credits: MusicallyObsessedBoi @ Youtube.

– Deft



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