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Am I Popular? September 2, 2009

Posted by Sally Yin in Uncategorized.

You feel on top of the world. You have 700 friends on Facebook, you talk to about 300 of them, you’ve met about 200, 60 are your friends and 10 are your best buddies.

 With convenient internet tools, such as social networking sites, available at any and every whim, it is no wonder that our lives are accelerating like never before. Tell me, when was the last time you spent an entire afternoon sitting on your bed with a hot mug of milk engrossed in a novel? When was the last time you played with those Barbies of yours? No, please, don’t answer that.

My point is, social networking sites makes our lives so fast-paced, keeping us glued to our computer screens, just waiting for that next update. We feel such a strong urge to know what’s happening in the now that we never really have time anymore to just sit back and relax.

Not only that, there is another issue concerning this virtual wonderworld of ours. Cyber friends. Now, I hope we all know what that means. For those who truly don’t, they are people you encounter online. I am not saying that that is necessarily a negative thing, but consider it – how many of those people in your “Friends List” are actually your friends? And that brings us to – how many of them have you ever spoken to in real life?

Of course, living in different states or countries might prove to be a little difficult to get around but is it really that hard to casually greet the person you have been talking to 24/7 online, especially if they live in your area or catch your train?

Naturally, that leads to – are you who you are online, offline? What a mouthful! A friend of mine once said. “If you can’t be who you are in real life online, what is the point?” Yes, he hit the jackpot right there. There are many people that I know who have a completely different persona online and off. In most cases, the online version consists of the following:
– Horny
– Social
– Outgoing
– Talkative
– Lol

When in real life, they are:
– Frigid
– Demure
– Noob
– Awkward
– Lol

(To those who understood the “Lol” joke, good on you. To those who don’t … I’m talking about those select few who walk around in the real world howling “lol” at every little insignificant thing. LOL-IM-SO-KEWL-LOL.)

The thing is – it doesn’t matter if you have over 500 friends online. It sure looks good but how many of them can you actually trust with your secrets, heck – how many of them can you even speak to in the real world?

You know what? Knock yourself out, turn off the damn computer and meet up with your best virtual friends, because who knows – one of them might prove to be one of the best friends you will ever have. As a friend once said. “There is only so close you can get to someone online.”

– S.H.Y



1. Geo - September 2, 2009


2. Deft-Monkey - September 2, 2009

Well, the last time I played with Barbie dolls (they were my sister’s not mine and yes, I realise that it was a rhetorical question) I ripped their heads off and literally slashed their breasts with scissors. Wasn’t I just a downright do-gooder of a young whippersnapper?

I love my cyber friends like I love my tea. I’ve grown up talking to them and they have helped me to develop as a person in real life. Of course, they have almost always been older, they still mostly are, but I like things that way. From what I’ve been told of people who I do talk to both in real life and on the internet, I’m much the same both online and offline, although there are some aspects in which I beg to differ.

My principle with residents of the cyber world – don’t judge them because you have no idea what they are like in the real world. Just appreciate them for who you know them as… Or not – your choice.

I despise social networking sites. I always somehow managed to get dragged into them. It’s fine when you’re one of the few who use them before people you know start using it, but then it just nosedives into sickeningly pedantic mediocrity.

Good call on the “Lol” people of society. I’m confused as to why they exist.

3. JimmyBean - October 1, 2009

I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. :) I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, :)

A definite great read..Jim Bean

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