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Fuck Your Life September 2, 2009

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

Nowadays the three letters FML that make up the acronym for Fuck My Life has become much too over-said. It just seems that people come across the tiny instances in life that perturb them and they just give us those three shits as if it were to justify something. Sure the site is funny and all and gives our day a good juice up if we’re feeling a bit down ourselves, but in no way does this actually happen to such extremes as to our own lives. There are people who live much worse lives and FML can really relate to them but you don’t hear them walking around saying it to everything/everyone. No, they just simply accept it and keep it to themselves.

Not everything in life works out to the way we want it but we might as well accept. Either accept it or just shut-up about it because no one really gives a shit for attention-seeking whores. Let’s have an example, shall we?

Today, I finally got the courage to go up and ask out the girl I have loved for a couple of months now. After she said yes, I was over the moon and ran home to tell my roommate. The next day, I saw her making out with another man. When I confronted her, she said “Oh, you were serious yesterday?” FML

That’s a true example of how fucked the situation can be for you. Unfortunately the smallest things make people just scream, “OH FUCK MY LIFE”. Leaving your book in the other room does not justify you to tell everyone that your life is screwed. If a certain situation arose, think to yourself for a bit; thousands of people around the world are suffering from events that could have just happened to them and brought their lives down, but they’re maybe already trying to pick up the pieces. Think before you act and maybe your life wouldn’t be so fucked after all.



1. jurian - September 2, 2009

i would say fml, but i’m guessing thats inappropriate :)

2. Deft-Monkey - September 2, 2009

Interesting post, but ease up on the language.
We should put warnings on these in future if they really must be posted.

Geo - September 2, 2009

Well let’s be thankful I have broken my good ‘ol blog swearing angst.

3. callypigian - September 2, 2009

Very true geoffery. I have slowly become guilty of this myself thankfully not to the degree to some. I do find it extremely annoying how people think that their built up teenage angst needs to be heard by everyone in the form of “I have so much homework FML”, “I have parents who don’t always agree with me FML”, etc. Don’t see African kids saying FML, so to everyone else, “man up”.

Geo - September 2, 2009

90% of our generation are guilty of being FML-ing their lifetime. People just need to harden up.

4. Lemmer - September 2, 2009

hey its normally from excessive emotional distress when u say fml or at least when i do but im awesome anyway

Deft-Monkey - September 2, 2009

Not the case, really. People just convince themselves that that’s why they say it, but ‘fml’ is like the new ‘cbf’, just that ‘cbf’ is still rampant in its usage amongst teenagers. It’s more one of those things that people say because they can. No excuse is a good enough excuse.

5. Akhil - September 4, 2009

We already had this argument on facebook and I for one strongly disagree.

I think it’s safe to say that when looking at an expression, we don’t just look at it from its face value. Meaning can be created by the expression in so many more ways once you delve deeper into it, one of the main ones being context. Society has basically come to accept FML as another term for ‘shit’. E.g. “I left my wallet at home, FML[SHIT]”. One cannot honestly believe that the because they left their wallet at home, they now genuinely believe their life is shit. It’s only an expression. The context in this case is that a guy just left his wallet at home. So once we know his context, we instantly know on what level the meaning of the expression extends to.

Agreed, the term is overused, but you can’t condemn it just because the only meaning you see in it is literally what it says. You can’t peg meaning in it until you look at it’s context.

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