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My Exhaust Pipe September 3, 2009

Posted by Charith in Uncategorized.

Aren’t I an intelligent, petite (as a shop assistant once so kindly informed me), young fellow? On a 2-day hiatus and yet leaping out of the saddle just to tend to this corner of the interwebs. Smooth, monkey man. Real smooth.

Well, if you haven’t already noticed, there is a new page rather fittingly named “Got a Competitive Streak?” for you to use to find out about competitions that you’ve missed the posts for and to submit your entries. A high quality page, on my part? Probably not, but I’m a businessy young man who has other affairs to tend to.

Still quite unaware of why I’m making a post with two more assessments to flunk submit in the next two days, I at the very least know what this post is about. To some extent anyway. I’m a tad hazy on the details of it.

Take a ride on this pussy wagon

Take a ride on this pussy wagon

The eyes are causing you so much trouble that lemon juice would probably only help to soothe the discomfort, just like when you see that face that you know you shouldn’t have and you can feel your own body stabbing you in the back (even your back is giving it a shot).

This is what I experience on a daily basis and the indignant part of me desires for you to as well. For about 4 years now I have continued with a routine incorporating terrible sleeping patterns. It started due to my inability to sleep. No wonder Insomniac Games was an easy favourite. This then developed into my aversion to getting some ‘shut-eye’. I was so used to the 4 hours of rest that I was getting per day that I had no desire to go and off myself for the night any earlier. Besides, my laziness in regards to work was not alleviating itself and I still wanted to get the work into class the next day.

Did I ever enjoy the late night after night? Some of the experiences that I would have missed out on if I didn’t stay up until the odd hours of the morn are ones that I am wholeheartedly glad that I got to have. However, I’ve never liked the fact that I stay up, all through my own choice. I could do the work earlier, I could have an early night, but I have to go and shorten my total lifespan by depriving myself of much needed recovery time.

Now that I’ve realised the wrong of my ways, things will surely be different. Not the case. Far from it. Currently, it is 11:38 PM and the morning is yet to arrive. In my head is the same thought in an apparently never-ending loop telling me that there’s still time. There’s still time.

Pah! Don’t make me choke on my own 1 molar bile. Time is something that people are always complaining they don’t have enough of. Is this really the case? Perhaps it all comes down to us as individuals? I should think that it’s our responsibility how we manage the time that we do have. Any amount of time is enough given that you use it to the fullest.

But we don’t, do we? Our personal interests conflict with the things that we later come to realise were what we needed to actually do. Yeah, swimmin’ job there, but you missed a spot. A suitable term used to coin this rather niftily is one that I’m sure you are all familiar with – I call it procrastination. It’s like a daughter to me and oh how I violate her every night.

What do we do with this procrastination? Why, we throw her around the place and make a little mess, of course. What we’ve got, we flaunt. We show it off to the world and say, “Hey, look at me – I’m a sack person I’ve got something that you don’t have.”

Nice try. It really was a fairly solid effort and I commend you on your troubles. Stop looking at your disgusting child and take a peek inside your neighbour’s pram. It’ll make you reconsider your place in the world. People are equal – they just need to realise it.

Credits: Charlie White @ http://gizmodo.com/198824/hello-kitty-exhaust-pipe-good+bye-kitty

– Deft



1. Geo - September 3, 2009

Pussy wagon. You haz one.

2. Another Soul - September 3, 2009

So much for not posting, aye.
I’ll finish the Prac after my shower.

3. callypigian - September 3, 2009

“I call it procrastination. It’s like a daughter to me and oh how I violate her every night.” That’s beautiful charith xD

Deft-Monkey - September 3, 2009

Quite and the slightly disturbing thing is that I felt that line so naturally. It’s as if it rather suits me.

4. lemmer - September 3, 2009

i love your blogs soo like ditto..

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