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We All Need a Fix Sometimes September 6, 2009

Posted by Charith in Music.

Edit: Much to my dismay, the first video I put up in this post did not live up to its expectations. It happens to be missing a short part after the song, where Jess says the most awesome “Sparkling” that you would have ever heard in your lives. I scoured Youtube for videos that did have this, but all the ones that used to have been removed. Now only a few all of you will know this “Sparkling” pinnacle… There is a video out there! Many thanks to a guest over at snsdkorean and SoShi Subs! I’ve replaced the previous video with the new one. It’s an actual clip from part of the whole radio show, so start watching at about 5:31 if you just want the song and “Sparkling”.

Of nostalgia, that is. It can give us that pickup that we need to get us through a tough day and it’s always soothing. Many things induce the feeling and the different ways in which we perceive them are quite diverse, affecting each of our senses, most of which I will not mention due to my current state of exhaustion.

Touching a particular surface or even feeling a certain temperature on your skin is enough to take us back to another time, when people were simpler and the Chinese were the only existing ‘yella fellas’. Our sense of touch isn’t terribly sensitive when compared to the other ones.

One of the most awkward, yet common ways for me to remember the good ol’ days is smell. I can be walking anywhere, any place at any time and the scent would still be able to find me. Whether I should be filing a restraining order against such a stalker of the highly unattractive (that is, me) is something that I’ll save for a more appropriate time. The problem with such scents is that after thinking that I’ve caught the smell, I take another whiff and merely end up snorting out the same breath of air not too dissimilar to the one previous to the one I had been holding due to the shock and reverence of the moment. Scent has the ability to remind me of certain locations, although unfortunately with low quality graphics.

The main sense that I consider to be the most effective in making one like an elephant is the ol’ audio input. Hearing a sound, noise or some piece of music may remind one of a song from their childhood. Ah, what good times they were, back then, when sexual abuse and the existence of homosexuals were but a wily figment of someone’s imagination.

Okay well, I’m practically falling asleep now, so time to get straight to the goods. Music is something that we may love, but it’s hard to remember every single song that we hear. In my case, I very much enjoyed this 90s song back in the day and was exposed to it again almost 2 months ago, now. What is this song, you may inquire? Well, I’ll show you.

In order of appearance for me:
1. A cover by the lovely Jessica Jung of SNSD

Admittedly, this version doesn’t sound as good anymore after listening to the last two, but I still hold a place for it. For any of you who were a little taken aback by her English singing voice, she lived in the US for a few years, remember? Oh golly gosh, “SPARKLING”

2. A cover by New Found Glory

Personally, I didn’t really like this version. It’s just that I was trying to find the original song, and these kids popped up.

3. The original by Sixpence None the Richer

Is it the best, I wonder? I really can’t get enough of this song. I had it memorised within a day. Slightly creepy, I know. I apologise for the AMV, but I wanted to have the highest quality sound that I could find. So, it might be better if you just close your eyes and listen. I usually do that anyway at some point.

The last version that I listened to – a cover by another Korean singer, IU

I put her version on par with the original, save for the backing track. Her voice is so different, yet so good. What’s more, she’s a real cutie. She’s Korean, so I suppose she might find the pronunciation difficult for some words. Heh, “spowking”. This is my first time actually watching this particular version of hers. The one I watched was on a different radio show, but that had poor sound quality.

So yeah, sorry to dump all of that on you. I’m very unimpressed with myself now. Not for liking the song, no not at all, but for watching through these videos again while looking for them. When this monkey goes out to play, it is his bandwidth that must pay.

Credits: DamLini @ Youtube
garfieldroxmysox @ Youtube
ssfsubs @ Youtube
drivethrurecords @ Youtube

– Deft



1. Sunny - September 6, 2009

Last video:
I really like what she’s wearing; big heart tshirt with no pants

Deft-Monkey - September 6, 2009

Yeah, that shirt actually reminded me of something that you’d wear. You, or my sister.

2. Sunny - September 6, 2009

I like Jessica
she seems awkward

By the way, the girl that I don’t like that much is Yoona

but you know what
I like WonderGirls

Deft-Monkey - September 6, 2009

Ah yes, Wonder Girls are good. 2NE1, as well.

I also agree about Yoona. She’s probably my least favourite. She’s probably the weakest singer in So Nyuh Shi Dae. Well, it’s either her or Seobaby. She seems to kind of… Lack life. I have the feeling that even though she’s the second youngest, she’s very mature because of all her acting gigs.

3. Another Soul - September 6, 2009

Charith, I swear to God, I am going to shoot you on your death bed

Deft-Monkey - September 6, 2009

How appropriate then that I’d be on my death bed. Thanks for the convenience. I hate having to wait till the end. I like it when it comes to me.

Another Soul - September 6, 2009


4. Geo - September 6, 2009

Love the last video, because that’s the only one I watched.

Deft-Monkey - September 6, 2009

Don’t worry, it is indeed a good video. And as long as you hear one of them (except maybe the second one), I’m happy.

5. Seng Aun - September 21, 2009

oh? IU’s voice haunts you until now huh?

oh well, I’ll know what ‘Sparkling’ you’re referring to once I watch the radio interview.

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