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I can haz sex? September 18, 2009

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

Yes I’m back. They all still have exams (maybe), but I gladly welcome my nine day weekend and spend it doing shit all. Anyway.

Internet animosity. Some good laughs we’ve had with that. It always good to have some fun and joyous times with people who we don’t know and probably won’t ever. Which brings me to our main focus tonight of a certain site that’s had a certain prominence among us young ones. Omegle. The amount of fun you can have on that site is amazing. Seriously, for the last two hours of my life, I have posed as 18 year old Japanese girl from Nagoya and it works. It’s simply just hilarious letting guys trying to get you to do dirty things. The level of perversion you’ll find is amazing. People will go straight to ASL in a matter of seconds and the fact that you can bullshit everything is even funnier when it leads to some good lols.

We’ve all had our guilty pleasure on that site, screwing with people. But don’t you think it’s rather cruel to mess some poor kid’s brain up for the sake of a good laugh? Well, none of us do. The facts are simple; it’s funny, we get a kick out of it, and we sometimes meet people who are genuinely nice. A bit of trial and error can take the whole animosity to a whole new level.

As far as entertainment goes nowadays (for lonely people on the internet), this is second to joining a dating site and mass-baiting everyone to one location then pull a fence around them and throw pigs and yell “PIG CATCHING COMPETITION”. Yes, that would be extremely fun and funny, and you do want to do that.



1. Deft-Monkey - September 18, 2009

Tell me, how will you spend the time next week from Monday through to Friday? Your life is like a sitcom – it ends up wherever it started.

Omegle? Oh, you. A very fitting post. 18 year old Japanese girl from Nagoya? I want to meet you up some time! Come around to the school sewer system and we can get a little… Slimy.

On a less imaginative note, you’re very right about internet animosity and the way that we treat strangers for own pleasure. I warn you about them “genuinely nice” ones – they can get a little tricky. Icky sticky situations generally aren’t fun.

Geo - September 18, 2009

Maybe you are just unlucky. I’ve only found two normal people.

And life is a sitcom, everything resets in my sleep. Like Groundhog Day only I don’t have to live over the same shitty thing over and over again.

Deft-Monkey - September 19, 2009

Not all of them are bad, quite a few are just plain spiffing, but not all are as great as they first appear. Whatever, just screw them over later if it’s needed.

Groundhog Day was a terribly tiresome movie to watch.

2. shotokid0 - September 25, 2009

Lol, fuck man, I always end up befriending the people. I can’t even bring myself to screw around with the actual dickheads when I meet one. And it sucks even more when I try to fuck them up with like goatse or something and they turn out to be the ‘genuinely nice’ people. Me and my guilty conscience..

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