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I’m Bored, Let’s Date September 21, 2009

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I’m bored, let’s date.

Well, no, not really. I’m not exactly sure I want to date  you. Or you, or you. In fact, I’m adamant on the fact that I don’t want to date you.

This topic. Aimless relationships. It’s almost as if some parties involved just have a relationship for the sake of saying “OMG, LOOK AT ME. I HAVE A GIRL/BOYFRIEND. I’M SO COOL”

I think those people should be shot.

For a number of reasons. People don’t deserve to be treated like an object. It’s not nice. It really isn’t. I could think of a number of things that could ruin people’s minds and lives, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. A relationship beckons for relations, for something more than just a friendship. But I notice that some people just aren’t like that. All they do is make a lot of supposed “friends” when in reality, they can’t even bear to talk to them face-to-face. It’s actually rather depressing to see people like that. But they still don’t understand in the end. A relationship to them is just another thing to boast about.

And I’m not talking about verbal boasting, but more of the idea that they boast you with their presence. But that’s not my place to judge or talk about. They can do what they want. Life ain’t what about what you want. It’s always about what they want. Okay, that sounds pessimistic. I’ll change that to something more optimistic.

Life is what we make it out to be, so surely, if we want it to be a good life, we have to make it a good life. So let’s get out there and prove ’em wrong.



On another topic, this next area is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Miss Lu :D She’s awesome in more ways than I can describe and she cheers me up :D



1. ness - September 21, 2009


It IS quite sad that people would have to treat others are objects or as prizes to fill that quota in their friendship folder – eg. “I want a gay friend!”

Sadly enough, once someone’s in a relationship they tend to be a little distant because they spend so much time with their new bf/gf. Hollywood actually got it right in Brokeback Mountain – “I wish I knew how to quit you.”
Once people get that taste of the security of being in a relationship, they wouldn’t want to leave that security. And thus, the cycle begins.

2. Geo - September 21, 2009

I agree, people who are in relationships for the sake of being in a relationship should be hung, drawn and quartered (okay, not that harsh).

Also the shameless advertising of their relationship. It’s not necessary updating your Facebook status constantly telling everyone how much you love them. Frankly, 95% of high school relationships don’t even last long. They’re quite pointless. More so time-killers.

3. Deft-Monkey - September 21, 2009

Honestly, people nowadays make relationships seem so utterly nonsensical. I think people just relish the idea of being in a relationship that they can consider as ‘more than friends’. I wonder how many of them figure that it’s probably even less than that?

From what I’ve been told, high schoolers don’t want proper relationships anyway, they just think it’s all a bit of fun. The concept of differing levels of intimacy has been lost with our generation. Woo, go team…

4. Lemmer - September 27, 2009

D: but relationships are fun and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be friends with/not being hostile towards everyone and i swear i could debate the other side of this if i could be bothered

Another Soul - September 27, 2009

There’s nothing wrong with relationships, but the one’s we’re talkin’ about are more of a “I don’t care who it is, I don’t care who they are, I don’t care what happens to them, but I still want them there just so I can say I have a girl/boyfriend” sort of relationships.

And I agree with you there, we should all be nice and peachy with each other :D
So my next post shall be a happy post, just for you x3

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