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I Like Your Pencils – They’re Really Sharp September 25, 2009

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So I lied about them being sharp, but if it’s any consolation  I am typing this post with two pencils. Two Pokémon pencils none the less that I received anywhere between the ages 7 and 9 and apparently, as I discovered last night, they were made in Korea. So I plan on typing up this whole post this why because I enjoy meaningless challenges.

All I need now is Squirtle - "Squirt squirt Squirtle"

All I need now is Squirtle - "Squirt squirt Squirtle"

So I have a “relationship” that I can’t manage to get over…

This other can be cute, intelligent, funny, heart-moving, a waste of my time, aggravating, sleek, sexy, sometimes predictable and at other times completely spontaneous. Sounds like a pretty good catch, huh? Well I’d agree with you if it was of the human type, as that is more what floats my boat. Still a little confused? Because I am, I have no idea where I’m going with this You can stop worrying your fuddy, little heads now because it really isn’t very spectacular. In fact, I’m finding it hard not to close my laptop at the thought of this rather drab topic. For years, they keep taking me back, and I vice-versa – they’re games.

Indeed, how uninteresting. I’ve had hot chocolates better than this, speaking of which but I suppose it’s not fair comparing software and hardware to hot CSexy beverages. I’ve had much of a love-hate relationship with video and computer games.

I lost my real virginity life virginity to an Aladdin computer game back in the early 90s. I sometiimes wonder whether my slashing the guards to make their pants fall down to reveal polkadot knickers was just to advance further in the levels. Given that Aladdin wasn’t the last game I ever played, I should think not.

I was actually pretty active as a youngun, it was only around year 4 or 5 that I really started wasting my life away on them. I feel that I would have been A-OK if I didn’t start playing MMORPGs and online games in general. I loved the idea, and still to this day do, of interacting with people from all over the world. I would stay up till the wee hours of the until I got paranoid enough with the thought that my daddio would catch me playing and then proceed to become bizzaro Superman and tear the computer in two. Two pieces would be him being gracious.

So about a term ago I made the decision to not play any video or computer games until I finish the HSC next year. Why? Because I have a rather mean addictive personality and I can’t just cut down on something, I need to eliminate it from my lifestyle completely. Well, I was going pretty well until today.

As I had my last yearly exam yesterday, I had all of today off, so I basically spent my day with Geoffrey. We went to Timezone (a videogame arcade for any international readers) and played a variety of games. Honestly, I got the most exercise today that I have in an age. Geoff played Maximum Tune a few times, we played Dance Dance Super Stage or something like that, air hockey, Tekken, Time Crisis, some ball-throwing game and a highly steamy, comical love calculating shoot ’em up.

Dance Dance reminded me why I do not go to parties and dance. If you ever want to reassure yourself that you cannot bust a move, try that game. It could possibly also be called the Shatterer of Dreams, not the menion the Breaker of Legs. The force with which we applied foot to dance mat was considerable enough to make our legs wobble from the shock absorbed for half an hour after playing. Fun.

I had the uncanny ability to inflict pressurised physical and emotional rape on both Geoffrey and myself  in air hockey. Tasty. Doesn’t matter I won both games.

Ball-throwing games have never been so emotional. I really can’t remember what it was called, but you basically had to throw balls at aliens and various other animated forms of evil while avoiding skulls and children, all on a screen. We found ourselves shouting and unintentionally maiming ourselves on the machine. One time I couldn’t handle to shame of not getting to play the bonus stage and vented my anger on an unsuspecting basketball-hoop-throwing machine in a manner that you probably wouldn’t want your future children seeing. This game was buckets of fun and incredibly addictive and stirring, but the physical damage that is inflicted on your throwing arm is… Let’s just say that my whole left hand and arm shake whenever I hold anything in them now, including this Charmander pencil. So a word of caution: – This game is not for the frail or those with respiratory conditions.

Tekken and Time Crisis were a money-depleting blur of buttons, bullets, wings, chainsaws and pain. I was and still am too exhasted to remember much of those.

Looks like I ended up recounting our day. Tarnation. Well, the point is that I enjoyed myself today a lot more than I have in a marathon-comparable time. I suppose it’s alright if I play every now and then out of my house. Not like I go to arcades often. Today was the first time since Year 8. It wasn’t totally unproductive either. I found out that I have 75% compatability with Geoff. Best I could have hoped for if it was something that I’d dwell on.

I don’t think I’ll type up anymore posts using pencils. I get too distracted and it’s taken more than an hour. Not worth it considering the dismal quality. Until next time then.


– Deft



1. Geo - September 25, 2009

Some good times we had today. I’ll upload that short video later.

Damn you and your air hockey rape.

2. Seng Aun - October 1, 2009

Eh I still don’t see the video. But glad your exams are over now.

“vented my anger on an unsuspecting basketball-hoop-throwing machine in a manner that you probably want your future children seeing.”

You meant “probably wouldn’t want your future children seeing.” ?

LOL that’s weird. What a way to celebrate the end of your exams. Way to go, Deft.

Deft-Monkey - October 2, 2009

Ah my bad, thanks for pointing that out. I usually write these late or at least when I’m tired, so even when I proof read, I overlook errors.

What about a video? Did I say somewhere or sometime that there’d be one? Only thing I can see at first glance is video games, but there was a short video made. Just that it was pretty bad quality, and the guy just filmed the screen of the machine. All you could hear was me shouting at the game and the people around me.

3. Seng Aun - October 2, 2009

For someone who types with pencils when fatigued, it’s pretty readable I must say. Hah. Your friend Geo’s comment stated he’s gonna upload it. Maybe not over here?

4. Deft-Monkey - October 2, 2009

Oh right. Well, I guess he’ll do it if he’s bothered but I doubt he will be. The effort required to transfer a video from mobile phone to computer and then upload it to YouTube is too great. Besides I told him to delete after we watched it the first few times because it was so bad, so I’m not sure if it still exists even.

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