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Metapod Used Struggle! September 28, 2009

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Third-most pointless move next to splash and harden. I knew that Pokémon was going downhill when a ‘Wild Metapod’ actually fought back against my Totodile. But it was a game of my childhood, so finding the motivation to play was never difficult, bringing me to the topic of this post.

Doggy-style: the only way to do it

Doggy-style: the only way to do it

Motivation is something that is harder for some to find than others. I am one of the many who are unable to find the willpower or reason to actually perform the action of doing work. The question I’ve always asked is “Why can’t I get motivated?”

The answer – well, I’m still searching for it. I always tell myself that I need to work now to give myself a better future, but the more powerful side of my brain lives more for the present and has a taste for immediate achievements and results. However the argument doesn’t end here. Not by any means. Apparently the effort required to perform the slightest of tasks is too much. If I mattered, I’d be trying to change this, but the way I view things, it’s pretty pointless.

For me, the aspect of this dilemma that bothers me the most is that I make out everything to be a chore. I’m quite anti-social in general because I find I usually find it exhausting to talk to people. However I think that this may be related to how personally I know them because I can basically talk with anyone in my school as long as I don’t harbour feelings of dislike toward them. Perhaps a possible answer for me is the journey into solitude?

By no means do I hate going on outings with friends, but alone time is a lot more important to me. However, very recently I’ve found that the enjoyment that I can get from just hanging out with the people I like gives me a feeling that I can’t attain from being alone. Being all on my lonesome gives me the chance to unwind and allow myself to tap into my creativity (if there really is any there) and that makes me happy, but being with friends gives me something else, it heightens my emotions so that I turn quite the opposite from who I usually am.

I can talk about friendship as much as I want, but there’s no point when I can’t see the correlation to motivation. I really did make a solid attempt to connect the two, but I just couldn’t manage it. Mulling it over properly, friends may just make up a part of our motivation, our driving force. Maybe we ought to take analogies of the word more seriously?

For example, not unlike what I just said, compare motivation to the driving force of a car. This force physics doesn’t like me and I don’t like it, so let’s make out is generated by the engine, which is basically controlled by the driver. The person behind the wheel is the one who ultimately creates the driving force of the car or whatever vehicle, and perhaps motivation isn’t so different.

Like I mentioned before, I make everything seem like work, even the things like going out with friends. Well, last Sunday, I woke up at 11 in the morning (because I was up till 3 the same morning trying to fend off nightmares) and then about 10 minutes later, a friend called me to invite me to her birthday outing that happened to be in a few hours. My mind immediately rejected the idea and I made poor excuses to get out of the predicament. Further into the conversation, I’d abandoned my sorry tacts and blatantly gave the real reasons as to why I didn’t want to attend, some of these including laziness, intruding, awkwardness and laziness – getting to the train station and then catching a train to the city seemed pretty tedious to me.

In the end I lost the battle and the war, but I suppose I knew that I couldn’t win when I failed to hang up the phone. Once you’ve been hooked, it’s hard to escape. So, I grudgingly went to the city, expecting to ruin everyone elses’ good time, but to my surprise the whole event was rather uplifting. This given me the thought that my motivation is in the form of other people basically forcing me to do what needs to be done so that I can ultimately be a happy pappy(baby’s still in the oven, you see).


There’s a post that I want to write, but at the same time, I feel that it’s still too early. My reasoning for this is that my post is meant to start a new chain of posts that I will make from time to time and personally I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. I suppose it’s not terribly secretive so I’ll basically tell you the general jist of it. I wish to make a few theory posts, about anything and everything. Proper, yet nonsensical theories, of course, about the things that you would find somewhat relative to yourselves. Oh well, another time, another time.

Credits: http://www.healthmoneysuccess.com/1093/how-to-motivate-yourself-in-6-simple-steps/ How to motivate yourself in 6 steps if you’re interest.

– Deft



1. Seng Aun - October 1, 2009

Oh how true. I find myself finding excuses to skip weekly youth meetings in church. I dunno how it compares to your scenario, but it does have something to do with procrastinating. Loss of motivation can be a real bitch, most of the time.

Deft-Monkey - October 2, 2009

Yeah, I was always like that with church in general myself. That’s why my attendance rate is now so dismally low. Unfortunately, praying for motivation turned out to be a lost cause.

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