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Now That Was Just Unnecessary October 20, 2009

Posted by Charith in Observations.
Whoever did that isnt as sharp as the sign

Whoever did that isn't as sharp as the sign

Like that 2 Girls 1 Cup thing That’s life for you. Chock full of a lot of things that you can honestly do without. Of course there’s the aspect that we’ll perform actions for the mere sake of wanting to because it makes us happier (I’m still trying to wrap my head around it) and apparently, or at least so I’m told, that’s what everybody’s looking for.

On the other, larger, hand (your hands aren’t the same size – it’s freaky) there are those who will, for reasons deemed unworthy by the global majority, include pointless features in their works and even the way in which they carry themselves from day to day.

Let’s role play a little…

Okay, so we’ll pretend that there are two purely hypothetical characters, Juice and Box. Because I can : –

Juice: Oh there you are. I wanted to tell you something that I thought you might like to know.

Box: Spill. (Because he’s juice, get it, get it!? Yeah, I’m just full of the cool)

Juice: I have a massive –

Box: Ego.

I agree, it seems foolish, childish and many other varieties of -ish, (I should start a huge, multimillion dollar brand!) but disappointingly for many of us, we’ve run into more than one egotistical prat. For those who haven’t, I’m very sorry to say this, but it’s highly likely that you are one of the aforementioned prats (although if you got this far, all hope may not be lost).

It must puzzle at least a handful of you (why do you think I’m writing this? Oh right, that whole no posts for about 2 weeks thing) as to why some of these brats behave as they do. Others may have just come to the conclusion that they are just pompous morons who have nothing better to do (I really want to believe that myself, actually). In actuality, they are victims to an inferiority complex. It sounded intelligent so I went with it It really does exist! Just mouth it and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell. It was made to be used. As I gather, an inferiority complex is the feeling of being inferior to others. Not too complicated, is it?

I didn’t think so. However, rather than actually having such a hip and happening issue, our lovely prats (I sicken myself) have a fear of being inferior. Simply put, they mask their self doubts by overcompensating. Or at least pretend to to be doing so (we dislike them just as much, just that their marks really aren’t all that). Why face the facts when you can just avoid them?

So this was meant to be a post that would merely have a clip from an episode of Captain Planet in which there is Hitler. I was trying to lead up to it by mentioning how Americans keep trying to shove the idea that Hitler was an evil S.O.B. down kiddies’ throats. If it’s any consolation to them, I’m sure it works. At least it would if they cared who he was – “He died before I was even born, so why should I care?” An adorable, but all the same slightly disappointing logic.

What the whole thing, it’s worth it.

So I was just on Wikipedia, checking out the first paragraph on inferiority complexes. I think I have one. Can I be part of the in crowd now?

Credits : DrAmazing @ YouTube


– Deft



1. christopher lemmer - November 3, 2009

yeah the part about people faking but their marks aren’t all that totally isn’t about me XD

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