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I like being older than you, but really, I’m not. October 27, 2009

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I know this topic may offend some, in particular Deft, but I assure you, it’s not directed at you.

Ah, the subtleties of acting older than your age, in an effort to make yourself appeal to people older than you, or perhaps one of our other writers, or ex-writer.

This is the opposite of you. They’re allowed to act like this. They’ve lived their lives.

What’s the point of acting more mature, I must ask, when you are not? Is it to seem more sophisticated? Because I assure you, you will be undone, by some random kid who has a nack of feeding off your insecurities, and perverting every little sentence that you can muster. I’m not talking about me, of course, but you get my point. Yes, I’m talking about YOU.

I can tell you, if you’re acting more mature to attract an older crowd and gain respect, I once again, assure you, that  you will NOT get what you wish for. In fact, much the opposite. They may accept you, but chances are, they’ll look down upon you. Not because you’re younger and mature, but more likely, because you’re younger and achieving as much as them already. It’s jealousy, it’s human. Get used to it.

But this comes at a sacrifice. You’ll notice that you’ll start to lose the guys (and girls, so as not to be sexist) around your age. They’ll look at you and think you’re a tart cake that deserves to be baked until it’s burnt. It’s not a nice way to go, if you ask me.

But that concludes my crap today.

Sorry about the delay, Deft, and our readers

Also, please check out this video (:

Yours sincerely, O:



1. Deft-Monkey - October 27, 2009

No offense taken, buddy. To get angry over something on the internet would be nonsensical and I just plain don’t like doing it.

Heh, I think I did a post like this on my old blog. I even said that I’m one of those kids who act older than they are. Good times. I don’t actually think that those people who are older are jealous because there would be no sense in that. I get the feeling that they’re just sickened by kids who try to be someone that they clearly can’t be in real life. The internet is a place where anyone can go and hide behind a mask, but the way I see it, there’s no point in kids pretending to be older than they are because they get absolutely nothing out of fooling people who they will probably never meet.

Unfortunately in my case, I’ve spent several years online talking to people several years older than me, with more than a few being more than twice my age, so they’ve rubbed off on me. As a result, I act very similarly in reality to how I do online, so don’t blame me for being antisocial please.

‘Kay thanks, time for me to start on a post.

2. Sally Yin - November 7, 2009

People develop at different rates, and to claw at this theory (or fact, as some may say) is about as productive as fapping to crayons.

I think that the older people who disapprove are either
a) jealous (as mentioned in the post)
b) regretful that they had not done the same thing when they were younger, instead of being a lolchat cat.
c) they want immortality

On another note, how is it possible to define what “acting your age” is? Are there guidelines? Because if so, I’d like a manual.

so, bcoz i m 15 yrs old, i must b lyke diz, rite?// bcoz omg xD diz iz how i m lyke in real life bcos u noe me sooooooooOOo00 well :) HAHAOHOHSD .. lol ok bcoz i fink i m kewl SO THERE lolol u old bs.

3. O: - November 16, 2009

As a general rule of thumb, none of my posts are directed at anyone.

As Deft would most likely know. He is teh lulz. With his dinosaur scream. T’is makin’ me lulz.

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