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MERRY… Oh Wait, Too Early October 27, 2009

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Here, have some hot chocolate, on the house.

I was going to post the SNSD version of this, but I didn’t want people selling their souls to the devil just so that they might get more. It’d reflect badly on me. Also, I can’t be bothered being flamed by others. Anyway, nothing wrong with a little “eff of ex” to quote one slave.

Want More? >>As I paid three dollars with a two-dollar coin, four twenty-cent coins and two 10-cent coins (it’s called spontaneous photographic memory – do try it) over the counter for my hot coffee (like you’d pay for that) chocolate, the coffee shop girl, nice kid that she is, told me that today was October 27. I believe her exact words were something like, “It’s already October 27, can you believe it?”

My response – “Uh… Yeah?”

Her point was that it is now less than two months away from Christmas (Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Day for all you seculars) and boy, oh boy, how the year has flown by! That really put things into perspective, the main action highlight being that I have achieved very little in this past year. Sad, but true, Nicole Jung would not be proud of me. and it makes me cry in my sleep.

As I am technically (though grudgingly) in Year 12 now, along with Geo and the lazy face kid (you know who you are!), I feel that it would be right to mention some things that happend in Year 11. Hopefully this won’t be dismal and long-winded. Drama was Actually, to hell with that, it bores me just thinking about what to write. Most recent things worth noting for  would be getting interested in So Nyuh Shi Dae AKA SNSD AKA Girls’ Generation and in turn a little K-pop as well, joining the lazy face kid on his blog that Geo later joined, remaking the blog with a better URL, joining JPH!P, getting into J-pop and J-rock, and last but not least, (going into J-rock more specifically) getting into HANGRY & ANGRY.

I’ll mention KARA’s Nicole Jung as well, but nothing else because I plan on actually sleeping after finishing this post. What can I say? She’s addictive. That aside, most my activity has started in the last half of this year. I’ve written stories, joined a band, crushed three times on non-existant people (no homo), camped out with kids barely out of their diapers and got into music belonging to the region of the world that I thought I’d never revisit again. Life is good.

Thinking now that I should type about something that isn’t just a reflection of this past year, Christmas is almost upon us! Like those classic horror film zombies that would slowly, but surely, latch onto our heads and suck out our brains through heavy duty straws of granite, for all your skull-breaking needs! the holiday of holidays is poised to strike and we’re all the target, unless you happen to be pre-pubescent in which case I urge to go outside and play with your real friends while they still exist(fried chicken too).

Stick out your feet and make fall those who challenge you in your quest to find something that your loved ones or otherwise disappointingly real friends and family might genuinely appreciate. It’s up to you when you want to realise that you can’t stand with both of your feet blocking the paths of others. Don’t worry, you can pick up a new pair later. Just ask Sandy Claws. He’s got you covered.

Trying to decide upon gifts for others is not one of my strong points, maybe why my gradual separation from the real world could be step in the right direction? It’s not easy to be unique with such things when everyone you know has been alive for more than 9 years. It’s troublesome that humans are easily bored, otherwise we’d probably still be getting readers here at SS.

I have another problem that I haven’t encountered in a few years – I don’t have enough money to buy presents. Instead I think I’ll just write unique Christmas letters. I’m broke because I actually decided to spend my annual birth compensation payment on myself and I’ve also started buying hot chocolate almost daily. A dangerous combination when you are unemployed.

I’d be interested to know what anyone else does for Christmas, or even how you celebrate it. No, I don’t have the time for it, but hey, I make time.

My presents to everyone here – JPH!P check it out. It’s largely a place with a lot of J-pop and J-rock related talk and the perverts are plenty. So really, everyone’s ballpark, am I right?

They’ve really grown on me. Props to tru_harmony over at JPH!P for educating me through the power of her IshiYoshi radio show. Also cheers to everyone else for their persistent shipping of Rika’s posterior. When all else fails, Rika’s arse will prevail. I’d definitely salute.

Anyway, enough shameless advertising from me, I’m out.

Credits:- gianfranco1986 @ YouTube
allkpop @ YouTube



1. lemmer - October 31, 2009

well u could just go somewhere they don’t celebrate christmas japan for example?

Deft-Monkey - November 1, 2009

Sure, but if you lack the money to be buying presents for people, affording a ticket to Japan will be more than a little difficult.

Besides, just because you change countries doesn’t mean you change families. Your family still celebrates Christmas, so even if you don’t send them material gifts as such, something is still required of you.

2. Seng Aun - November 1, 2009

Aw family-oriented Deft. Atta boy! LOL.

Anyway, I have yet to plan anything for Christmas. Sad, I know. But, we Malaysians are always last-minute planners. We’re special like that. I was hoping to spend it with friends rather than family. My parents don’t celebrate Christmas. Hopefully nothing backfires though. My plan was to have a slumber party or something. And contrary to popular belief, male slumber parties and female slumber parties are equally fun, minus the awkward excessive skinship mostly prevalent in the female version. But yeah, we don’t buy each other presents. We just sit around talking, play some poker and then talk some more, telling secrets and whatnots.

Btw, HANGRY & ANGRY sounds decent, except that one part with the boob-grabbing. So so similar to Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. “Kill Me” is just so morbid. No wonder the suicide rate in Japan is at an all-time high. That’s scary considering they’re ingraining it into people’s minds with J-rock.

Anyway, I totally dig your fried chicken reference!

3. O: - November 4, 2009

Yes. Yes I am.

Deft-Monkey - November 5, 2009

Does that make me “YUM” as well?

Geo - November 6, 2009

I YUM you long time.

O: - November 6, 2009

I like this theme. And yes. Yes it does.

Deft-Monkey - November 7, 2009

I’m delighted that you approve.

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