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Born Fighters November 21, 2009

Posted by Charith in Uncategorized.

My uterus ran away in fear

It would seem that she never knew what hit her. But really, isn’t there a part of us all that’s always expecting the next blow? I feel like it’s in our nature to be in ever constant, nail-biting anticipation of where we can “start something”.

Do you wanna be startin’ somethin’? You gots to be startin’ somethin’!

Everybody gets a little bloodthirsty now and again. Obviously some more than others. Put that away, Sylvester. I mean it. People love the occasional punch up and hey, I find it enormously entertaining reading about riots (especially over sports). Violence and me – were we meant to be?

We’ve all got a bit of a competitive streak in us and we’re hungry for a challenge. Male lions fight one another for the right to lead the pride and stags will lock antlers to determine who’s the strongest heart. It comes down to our basic animal instincts, which is just the slightest bit saucy, if you ask me. We like to test our own abilities against one another in the imaginary arena and it really gets the blood pumping. If it were made into a compulsory extra curricular activity (if that makes sense) then we’d have a lot less weight on our hands (legs and bodies, too) and people might be educated to use their hands and fists competitively rather than for senseless street violence which still makes me giddy.

There will always be some groups out there who consider fighting to be “barbaric” and “moronic,” but what do they know? Throughout the ages we’ve been a rowdy lot and the world’s greatest empires didn’t reach their heights by giving cupcakes and kisses to their disagreeable neighbours. Egad, we’ve really gotten soft over the years, haven’t we? No wonder there are people saying that we’re going to be judged – we’ve strayed from our roots!

Parents, among others, express concern over their children playing violent video and computer games. If they’re not spending all their time in front of a box shooting at terrorists (how generic), how about trying the real thing instead? Looky here, mummies and daddies, if they aren’t desensitized by blowing stuff up and firing their lasers, they are still going to learn about it in school, on television, in films & books, from friends and even on t-shirts. You can’t protect them forever, so you might as well join in on the fun. You know you want to. Just imagine how much you could learn about little Timmy by popping a few caps in some sexy, Soviet Russian arse.

You have your physical blows to the exterior than can affect the interior. Good exercise, makes a few friends here and there. While I find it amusing to watch, I’m not much of a partaker in the interactive, ancient art. I’m more of the mental brainboxer. I’m still in training and boy, oh, boy, do I have a long way to go. I attempt to use my grey matter (as detective Poirot would say) to break in a few skulls. The more people you talk to, the more experience you accumulate and eventually you’re so adept in your field of expertise that knowing how to throw punches is meaningless when your opponent is bashing their head into a desk in frustration. It leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. The best part is that that feeling isn’t an effect of blood loss.

While I find much enjoyment in reducing the size of egos across the world, this form of competitive entertainment can be a dangerous ones. Although I never used to understand it and even still I have some difficulty in doing so, there are several sensitive people out there who don’t appreciate the mental rape. It’s my general rule of thumb to only take the mickey out of others in jest, but tell me if I’m crossing the line because I do it a lot. I wonder if I can get a passport or something?

Let’s all embrace our fighting spirit and give it a pat on the back (that way you get one too!) because you’ll never be able to accept yourself otherwise. Girls, want to show off to that cute guy in the corner shop? Roll him down a hill and then tell him you like him. It screws with a boy’s head, but for some reason, it’s tasty. Just like these Gaiety biscuits I’m eating Guys, if her brain’s smart enough to handle it, give her a bit of a mental love pat. I think you’ll find it’s more legal than a physical one.

Looks like I’m being a smart alec again. Suppose I’d better give myself a few love pats on the stomach just to show I care.

– Deft



1. O: - November 21, 2009

Yay :D
I like.
Our views are shooting up again. :D

Deft-Monkey - November 21, 2009

What the, how did that happen? That’s weird, I didn’t even tell anyone I’d posted. Good work Facial, it must have been you.

O: - November 22, 2009


2. Lemmer - November 23, 2009

i love this :D
but i don’t like mental bullying
pick on someone as smart as you :P
that or lets get physical ;-)

Deft-Monkey - November 23, 2009

How do you pick on someone as smart as you? There’s no such thing. It’s impossible to find someone with the same wit as you. It just comes down to having a good day sometimes. All you could need is that one good figurative hit.

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