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A Little Crazy, But That’s Okay December 17, 2009

Posted by Charith in Day-to-day happenings.

Well, I’m back and trying to get back into the swing of things, by pumping out a few posts today. Even if nobody reads these, I feel that that nobody deserves something. Not really sure what the other two guys are doing with their time, nor do I really want to know, (you’re sick, facial, sick) but hey, I’ve come back from the dead, so hopefully that’s enough for now. Perhaps I should go about recruiting one or two more writers? Maybe more on that matter another time, but now it’s time for something that will, with some luck, make you reconsider my mental health. It’s always so comforting to know that people care, after all.

Now, boys and girls, remember to keep it in and out of your pants respectively, and keep those diapers on your babies because mess is such a fickle thing these days.

I like it hot and stong, not too unlike my men friends

On last Sunday night/Monday morning I had my first real dream that I have had in quite a long while now. Now you may be wondering what constitutes as a real graphically sexual dream, so how about I clear that up first? Makes me feel like a custodian, but that’s okay because it just gives me more experience for when I become a loyal housewifeusband (yes, this strikethrough business hurts my eyes as well, I’ll treat them to some candy later).

Right, so by ‘real’ dream I mean one of those dreams that you honestly don’t know are dreams right up until it finishes up. I’m sure this is common, but often I have enough consciousness while being host to some visual epic in the realms of my mind that I can, to some extent, control the direction that the story takes. How else would fantasies work?

With that out of the way, it’s time for some juicy mango-like content. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I made that likeness, I don’t even like mangoes that much. They have a certain creaminess to them that I find disconcerting. However, I believe that the chilled mango nectar drink deserves two thumbs way way up. To not confuse anyone as to what is and isn’t part of the dream, I’ll make it easy for you – italics are unconscious happenings and everything else should just be my unnecessary musings: –

An unknown friend and myself were in a living room/kitchen eating 2 or 3 minute (1 would just be preposterous) noodles out of our separate bowls. We were watching television and the room was pretty dark save for one obviously incandescent light hovering over the meager kitchen area. A relatively handsome fellow, brunette, slim, superb cheekbones and with a great arse to boot, entered the room out of nowhere in particular and made a cup of tea. My friend and I just sat there, eating our noodles and watching the television until we turned around to find the teacup there, but no mysterious, good-looking guy drinking from it. Jumping to a conclusion, we figured that he must have fallen into his tea and that he had probably, God forbid, drowned. It had been 17 minutes and 13 seconds between seeing him make his tea and not seeing him at all. I leaped up and snatched the delicate China cup from the kitchen counter, stuck my finger in and stirred to feel for the young, highly attractive man (I’d assume he was in his early 20s). Alas, I felt nothing, for the cup was surprisingly deep and I couldn’t reach the bottom, so I, being quite the noble knight that I am (I’m not arrogant, no sir) picked up the cup and drank the tea. I soon felt a small head lodged itself in the opening of my mouth, so I pulled it out along with the attached body and spat it into my hand. It was lifeless. It was a doll. One of those plastic figurines to be more precise, like an Action Man.

Now at this point, the picture on the television monitor changed and up sprung an unexpected live feed of the dark handsome male, who now sported shoulder length black hair and darkened skin around pure white eyeballs. Oh, how he then laughed at us maniacally and we, being the manly men that we certainly were, got angry and marched right on over to where he was. We knocked him out and when he came to egad lions he found himself in a neat suit with a tie and his hair made into one large spike. He then looked to see 1000 identically clothed clones of himself lined up in formation.

I think I realised here that it was all but a dream and proceeded to wake up. It made me feel quite relieved though, to have the knowledge that I can still dream properly. One thing that is slightly disconcerting is that I seem to have the urge to tell everyone about the dream. Some sort of insecurity perhaps? Oh well, I like insecurity. It keeps things sizzling.

I was going to write more stuff about reactions and possible significance of the dream, but I’m tired and this post is sufficiently long, so I’ll retire for tonight. I was going to try for another post, but it’s not happening. Tarnation, it’s the summer holidays and I’m getting up tomorrow at 7 in the morning to go running. Fun.

Beddy byes, my pretties.

Credits: http://www.janchipchase.com

– Deft



1. Lemmer - January 14, 2010

nice nice i like the dream better and less random then ones i have hmmm…. wat do you think this dream says about u.. u think tea makes u shrink? you’re threatened by good looking men on tv? you believe everyone is conforming to become one ideal type of person based on what they see on tv?
=Highly interesting dream

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