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Change it and I’ll Kill You December 17, 2009

Posted by Charith in Uncategorized.

Simple. Direct. Threatening.

I don't negotiate, I make the rules

It’s the perfect message to send to your children. Humans – the indecisive Pokemon. These Pokemon display the uncanny ability to plague the world with their own personal kicks. Don’t worry, I see how it is. I see how it is.

What is it that prevents us from making choices that we never have to think twice about? I myself have trouble making up mind and let me tell you, I don’t buy the cheap stuff from the Reject Shop, I go straight for the most expensive brands in Myer and David Jones.

More than anything (slight exaggerations are permitted, thanks) I hate being indecisive and other people for being so. It’s oh-so troublesome when you’re trying to get something done, especially like this here post. BoA (strange kid, with steel rods in her legs and all) is distracting me and yet I’m torn between turning her off and keeping her turned on. Yeah, I see what I did there. I award myself a D minus for effort and an E plus for execution. Good stuff.

Now where was I? Oh yes, people, indecision, hate. Right. I feel that we cover up this trait in our personalities because it otherwise we get all insecure with ourselves and we’re just not down with that. How do we do it? Why, read most any of my posts and you’ll see. Tangents. Not of the curve, although we can have a few if you’d like because I really do quite like curves, all in the right places if you get my drift.

Indeed, I try to divert attention from the main issue at hand with dreary, black & white humour that I’m sure is largely unappreciated, mostly by myself, but that’s who I am. Who am I? I’m some kid who seems to come across as homosexual and so I go along with it a lot of the time. Pleased to meet you. Trust me when I say that I feel nothing when I place my hand on your leg or breast See? Tangents – more than just a simple mathematical concept, but more of a friend. Says the guy who could’ve performed a lot better in the last maths exam.

What would it take to change ourselves? How can we be expected to just come out of the blue with some genuine initiative and say, “Hey, I want to do this, this and this, and that’s all there is to it”? We as people just don’t work that way, so we ought to give ourselves a break.

Pssh, that’s weak person talk. Let’s raise the bar, assert ourselves. I’m no motivational speaker, but King Kong on the television behind me is surely telling  me to influence a little thought provocation on my part with his ‘running-through-air’ jump that indicates some means of urgency and creates a sense of suspense within the audience, making us wonder whether or not he’ll land on something solidly and safely.  Of course, we know he will because films are romantic and cliche in that way. With that, this has become a philosophical English lesson. I like it how I said “English” twice in that sentence.

So, boys and girls, you think that some things just aren’t worth putting the effort into. I mean, from your point of view, what good will it do to not change our minds? It’s not like it hurts anyone and things get done in the end. Yeah, that’s true, that’s true, but I’ll give you a chance to think about it, actually no, there just isn’t enough time is what you crave the most isn’t it? There just isn’t enough time in the universe to do all the things that we want to do. It’s all about maximising what we actually have and making quick, on the spot decisions will help us in that mission. Just do it. Poor Tiger Woods, I miss him.

To tell the truth, I was inspired to make this post due to our annoying changing of themes. I started it ages ago when I’d decided enough was enough and changed the blog’s theme back to this Regulus (the name of it) one. However, I never finished it, but because I decided to get back to writing some posts today, I saw this draft and decided to complete what I’d started. I’m not sure that I’ve really gotten across what I wanted to back then, but that may be a good thing seeing as I was fueled on frustration when I started this. However, Pokemon do appeal to me.

Cheers, more posts coming at you in the near future.

Credits: skitzogemini @ Quizilla (this kid seems to hate change, I like them already)

– Deft



1. Lemmer - January 14, 2010

that was mildly confusing but i think i might just be too tired to comprehend it i” read it again later :P

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