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Two Words – So Gei February 21, 2010

Posted by Charith in Events.

Haado Gei, that is. Or Hard Gay, if you will.

Not shown: Haado Gei's face

That makes him look more like a hard pedophile, but if you’ve watched his videos, it’s really all just some wholesome fun. What a cutie. But wait, there’s more to this post than Japanese men who look like they could belong to the BDSM area of the adult industry.

This coming Saturday, in Darlinghurst, is Sydney’s Mardi Gras Parade. It’s free. It’s for people of all ages (sure, if you want to lose your virginity at age 15). It starts at an in-between wholesome 7:45PM and best of all, it’s gay.

I mean that in the most affectionate way possible, of course. The Sydney Mardi Gras is a festival for the gay/lesbian community and apparently, people travel from all over the world to partake in the fesitivities. Now you can be as straight as an arrow and still be a part of it all. No restrictions. It’s a great opportunity to embrace your fellow man/lady and have a great time.

Have I been before? Nope. Will I go? It’s possible, I’ll definitely have to go some time, not sure if this is my year or not. The problem with the parade, or so I’m told, is that it can get really rough on the street where all the action takes place. There are drunks and there’s always the risk that you’ll get a little battered and bruised. Honestly, I’m willing to take that risk. If I get to have a good time for most of the night, I’ll be satisfied.

There’s one more issue and that’s timing. You have to get there early to get a good place. It’s very likely that you won’t even be able to see the floats over the sea of people. So yeah, getting there early is the key. That, or renting a room for the night in a motel or something of the like nearby.

Problems, problems wherever you go? So what’s the point in going? It’ll be fun. Or that’s what they say, anyway. I still don’t know, but would like to find out. Think party in the USA on a large scale. There’ll be music, boys, girls, booze (if you want) and best of all, to me anyway, costumes. Get costumed up!!! It doesn’t matter what you wear, people won’t care. Just feel comforted that there will always be someone who dresses up more like a freak than you. If not and you happen to be that one person who’s wilier than the rest, good on you, you just won a title.

Now I’m not usually patriotic or anything, but I feel that this is one of those events that exemplify Australia (how it should be, at least). It’s all about getting out there and meeting new people and having a fun time with your friends.  You don’t have to go this year, but it’s something that you should try at least once.

I’m trying to convince myself to go, but my mother makes it difficult. I thought there’d be issues with my being allowed to go, but no, not at all, my mother dearest is all too happy, just that she wants to go as well. Of course, there’s no chance that that will happen. If it did, I can imagine her forgetting everything I told her beforehand and complaining, “Why didn’t you tell me not to come? It’s dirty, it’s loud, there’s alcohol everywhere and  all these boys are looking at you lustfully!”

Mardi Gras. Beautiful. If I go, it won’t be with someone who regrets not living their life when they were young, even if it makes me feel guilty later. Am I advertising? Yes. Too much? Uh huh. Like I said, I’m trying to find a reason to go, so hopefully this pushes me over the edge. I’ll ask here and now – does anyone want to go to Mardi Gras? I am lonely…

Referring back to the very beginning of this post, do you all know Haado Gei? I believe he’s a former wrestler in Japan and now he’s gone to comedy. Brilliant. Worth watching once in a while.

I suggest watching from 2:00 onwards. The stuff before is somewhat boring.

Thanks to Geoffrey for showing me that video at his house. I’m sure your intentions were pure.

Credits: axlrose63800 @ YouTube


– Deft



1. chris - March 6, 2010

WOW!!!! I WANT TO BE HARD GAY!!!! he’s ssoooo awesome

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