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Oh, it sucks to be you. Oh, really? Yeah, well, GTFO. February 22, 2010

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So, today, myself and Deft were notified by our very ‘wonderful’ teacher that she would be leaving us to go to another school. Normally, I wouldn’t fret at such a notion, as I would believe myself to have done a job well done. It’s just to be that teachers hate our Glorious School, with a Gloriously fake-tanned-father-of-former-student-at-my-primary-school Principal, and should by all means, escape in any way, shape or form, in an effort to preserve what is left of their mediocore lives

Fake tans, gotta tan 'em all !

Quite seriously though, this issue of our teacher leaving us irritates me on such a massive scale that I cannot begin to comprehend how irritated I am. (Yes, I know I repeated what I said before in the beginning but please, do ignore that for the moment). It’s the second time myself and Deft have been transferred to another class due to a teacher becoming unable to teach us any longer. What ****in’ pisses me off even more that this is the … how shall I say … 4th time? Like bloody ****in’ hell. Could this be even worse. I mean, being our final year at school, you’d think the teacher would stay until the end of the year before leaving. But no, it isn’t to be. We just aren’t important enough. However, on the bright side of this inevitably dark side of the moon, I am getting a teacher I had had before in previous years. This teacher of course, would have to be one of my most favourite teachers of all time at my time in this ****hole I call a school. Other than other amusing lads.

Oh, and before I forget I’d like to say that ****** has a massive thing for **** ** *****. Oh, that’s right. Whatcha gonna do !

And to Deft, I did my fuckin’ best to censor as much as I could.

But fuck.

Yours Truly,



1. Deft-Monkey - February 22, 2010

I’ll give you this – you did try. Admittedly, I was joking about you doing something along the lines of this anyway, so all is forgiven from my side.

“Oh, and before I forget I’d like to say that ****** has a massive thing for **** ** *****. Oh, that’s right. Whatcha gonna do !”

You son of a gun.

Ahhhh!!! Principal! My sister in primary school… Argghhh!!! It hurts my brain mummy – get me 3 aspirins and a gin & tonic!

2. O: - February 22, 2010

Oh, just so you know, that’s not about you.

3. The Iron Knuckle - February 24, 2010

hehehe wtf.

Who’s leaving? what subject? what the hell?

Deft-Monkey - February 24, 2010

Cooksey, maths. The cold image of hell.

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