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A Little Bit of Fun Trivia March 31, 2010

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Did you know that one of the top search terms that direct people to this blog is ‘bdsm’? I didn’t, but I do now. Thank you, early post on SNSD.

Also, I was mentally scared not long ago. Apparently YouTube doesn’t like pornographic material, yet it has no problem with explicit animal material. I was linked, not too long ago, to a video of a turtle trying to have sex with a shoe. Real turtle, real turtle moans, real TMNT-style erection. Well, not sure I’d call that ‘teenage’. Perhaps MMNT-style would be more appropriate?

There’s really not much else to say or do, except maybe shake my head sadly and mutter, “Canadians.”

See? I can make short posts, too. Have a good one, kids.

– Deft


It’s Not My Fault March 31, 2010

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Well, actually, quite on the contrary, dear self. It would seem that it is all your fault, all your own and no one else is to blame.

Talking to myself aside, I do it because I get so lonely sometimes there are some gizzets (just another word for ‘things’ because I’m creative, artistic, autistic and all that jazz) that have the uncanny ability to delve right under your skin and into your veins, being pumped all the way to your sorry excuse for a brain. At this point, they nitpick away at you, niggling away at you from the inside out. Eventually you figure that enough is enough – something must be done!

Unfortunately, I don’t think such thoughts are so simply put into practice. As the saying goes, old habits die hard.

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I Hope Your Mags Burn March 30, 2010

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I despise people. Well, just a certain group of people. Drivers. Well, just a certain group of drivers. People who don’t obey road rules.

Now, we aren’t all saints and obey every single little road rule but there are just some that pickle my noodle. Driving in essence is just simplicity. It’s a matter from getting from point A to point B in a shorter length of time rather than us having to walk. We do it because it’s easy and helpful and we are all lazy. But we all know the things that we don’t do when we drive. Mainly because it’s unnecessary and no one else seems to do it and those are excusable. Some of those items include, speeding a tiny bit now and then (you’re breaking the law so you deserve a fine when you get caught), indicating out of a round-a-bout (it’s bullshit but people still do it infact), driving without shoes, sometimes with thongs or barefooted (oddly illegal), and not having a three second distance (whether this is law or just a hazard, I cbf check).

example: God hates you


All We Need is a Little Naivety March 17, 2010

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Naivety, of course, as everyone by now ought to know, makes you more idealistic in this world of ours.

Any geek is a friend of mine

It’s possible that because of this kid, I’m starting to believe that it’s this kind of thinking that the world needs to be changed into something better.

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Look at me, What do you see? March 13, 2010

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It has been some 6 days now? I don’t know, I can’t count. Hmm, make it 5 days since the last post, although by the time I’ve finished writing this one it will probably be 6. Oh, how I stall. I’m just fortunate enough that I have readers like you (nobody?) to fall into my poorly crafted trap.

Crap traps aside, I, myself, egotistical as usual, am like clockwork. I’m made up of parts that just mesh together and work in unison to make everything just work. I really only brought up clockwork because my mother said that some party next week needs to run like so oh, how poorly mistaken she is Being like clockwork, there is something that is absolutely vital in my useful function, and like any clock worth looking at, I have a clock face and how well it serves me.

Well, this is more real to me than Aquaman

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