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Look at me, What do you see? March 13, 2010

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It has been some 6 days now? I don’t know, I can’t count. Hmm, make it 5 days since the last post, although by the time I’ve finished writing this one it will probably be 6. Oh, how I stall. I’m just fortunate enough that I have readers like you (nobody?) to fall into my poorly crafted trap.

Crap traps aside, I, myself, egotistical as usual, am like clockwork. I’m made up of parts that just mesh together and work in unison to make everything just work. I really only brought up clockwork because my mother said that some party next week needs to run like so oh, how poorly mistaken she is Being like clockwork, there is something that is absolutely vital in my useful function, and like any clock worth looking at, I have a clock face and how well it serves me.

Well, this is more real to me than Aquaman

To cut off this comparison as quickly as possible, people read clock faces so that they may tell the time and they accept that as being as it is, but they do not see what is concealed behind this exterior. I’m alike, you’re alike and now waving my hand in leisurely acceptance, we’re all alike. We all come down to the same thing. So what makes us different?

It’s a little thing called superficiality. Or superfish-eality, if you will, but I won’t. Forever having something to hide from one another, that’s the way we roll in today’s society. People are so proud, they always seem to feel like they have something to prove to those around them. They want to make a good impression.

In this sense, I see people to be essentially different from the K-pop industry. An unlikely comparison, but for me, I think it works. Sure, K-pop is there for audiences to enjoy, but while the companies and artists want to make their market happy, the artists need to promote songs whether they are appreciated or not. I listen to K-pop, but I don’t like it in the same way that most do. Speaking honestly, I do not like K-pop. It’s bubbly, it’s cutesy, it’s somehow sexy and it was everything I avoided when it came to music, yet here I am, not only listening to it but even promoting it to others. So, what’s up?

I’d say that I enjoy them for their spirit. Whether they’re adored or not, the artists keep doing whatever it is that they do and eventually I come around and I grow to appreciate their work. Sure, about 50 percent of Koreans get cosmetic surgery, but just because it changes them aesthetically doesn’t mean they’re lesser beings. Some might think that the decision to have ‘work’ done is proof of insecurity, but in the end it comes down to culture and companies’ greed for more money. When will it ever stop!?

My clock face does its job. It performs it well. Although, I am starting to discover that what was hidden is now surfacing. My characteristics, I’m not bothered to suppress them anymore. There’s no point and there’s nothing gained. Dignity lost? What makes one think that we had any in the first place?

Peers think I’m a homosexual. Who cares? Older people know I’m not because they actually have gay friends. Nice try, peer pressure, but I’m a step up on you.

I see superficiality as the maker of enemies. With many, facades and masks can be so easily seen through that we just come to loathe the whole package. Some things aren’t worth the trouble. Forged emotions are so cheap, I wouldn’t want to waste a cent on them. In fact, I think that those who stow themselves away hold more of a grudge against themselves than the rest of the world has against them. We seem to be at odds with cowardice, especially when we are the cowards.

But is it so bad a thing to be afraid of what others will think. If you want to make it somewhere in the world, you have to please those figures who matter and to do so, sacrifices in character must be made. At least, you have to know how to deal with situations and realise that the majority of people will not necessarily appreciate you for your true colours. (Going on a bit of a tangent, I used to have the dream of one day painting a girl completely with purple paint using a paintbrush. No girl in particular, any would do. Fun trivia, huh?)

Uh… At this point, I should probably have a moral of the story. There is no human who has never been superficial because we would very likely die a lot sooner than we are meant to if we were totally honest in every aspect. Otherwise some would surely never feel confident enough in their own ability to get a personal other by being themselves. I’m one of those people who needs to make themselves outgoing because usually I’m just a plain introvert. I’m still not very good at it, but it does get easier. I suppose it’s fine though, as there’s always some of me that still comes through no matter how different I’m attempting to be.

Perhaps… My clock face has a small windows in it?

Credits: http://www.zazzle.com/super_fish_ttr_sticker-217091173815232073 (Yeah because you’ll really buy something)


So I wrote most of this on February 27th, which makes the first paragraph make sense. School makes us kiddies strained for time. That, and we’re lazy like anything. I think I need a new approach to this. Maybe I should just make short posts? Short and sweet might be more suitable. Perhaps I’ll just mix it up. Not sure. Time will tell.

– Deft



1. Christurbation - March 15, 2010

RAH I love your insightful posts like this one :D

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