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I Hope Your Mags Burn March 30, 2010

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

I despise people. Well, just a certain group of people. Drivers. Well, just a certain group of drivers. People who don’t obey road rules.

Now, we aren’t all saints and obey every single little road rule but there are just some that pickle my noodle. Driving in essence is just simplicity. It’s a matter from getting from point A to point B in a shorter length of time rather than us having to walk. We do it because it’s easy and helpful and we are all lazy. But we all know the things that we don’t do when we drive. Mainly because it’s unnecessary and no one else seems to do it and those are excusable. Some of those items include, speeding a tiny bit now and then (you’re breaking the law so you deserve a fine when you get caught), indicating out of a round-a-bout (it’s bullshit but people still do it infact), driving without shoes, sometimes with thongs or barefooted (oddly illegal), and not having a three second distance (whether this is law or just a hazard, I cbf check).

example: God hates you

But then there are those slightly, really fucking annoying ones like not indicating when about to turn (you’re obviously a douchebag), talking on the phone whilst on the move (again, douchefucker), not indicating when merging lanes (you’re going to kill someone, therefore you’re a massive douchebag), taking pictures while driving (not necessary you attention-seeking emowhore), faggots who deliberately speed up so you can’t overtake them despite having going extremely slow in the first place, cocksuckers who stare at you during red lights (Dennis Ferguson syndrome), and those idiots who can’t read signs on the road and continue going the wrong way in car parks.

Bad driving habits make bad drivers get bad sentences and bad deathyness. A good driver can define someone’s personality. If they’re safe, then they’re probably some pedantic, pretentious cunt living in Castle Hill. If they’re unsafe, then they’re probably some wanker who has a lot of money from the North Shore. If you live in Berowra, good luck getting your Commodore out in the morning. If you live in Earlwood, your Impreza is broken because you accidently filled the petrol tank with tabouli. Regardless, you can always find different places with different wankers being hoons or plain simple idiots.

Now let’s move onto more generic stereotypes. Asians. Curries. Lebs/wogs. Bogans. We’ve all seen them about, being all like “hey yo, VTAK JUST KICKED IN”, and we look at each other and wonder, how the fuck did they get their license? Getting a license is easier than you think. And this results in more terrible drivers out on the road. And these terrible drivers are more easily divided into ethnics. I won’t divulge because I’m sure anyone who has a brain and has actually read up to this point knows of the lols that are produced everyday from these shitty cuntface fuck drivers.

Anyway, back on topic. I hate you. I hate you all. So fucking much. If it was up to me, you’d all be fined in an instant. Laws in NSW aren’t tight enough. If they were more like Victoria in which the law states it does not require three, or any at all, warnings before a red light/speeding/safety camera, then we’d all be safe and careful drivers. The last time I checked, the law was there to save lives, not let all these fuckheads escape barely because they can expect consequences.

How hard is it to just fucking indicate? Are you that much of an inconsiderate person that you can’t let everyone else know that you’re going to merge lanes infront of them with about one metre clearance? Do you want to die? Do you want other people to do? Do you want an on road VirginiaTech?

I see, your eyes are open. They better fucking be. Next time you encounter some rusty cunt bucket who think they’re king of the world in a car like Schumacher, flip them off and overtake their bitch ass Hyundai.

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1. Deft-Monkey - March 30, 2010

I’m fine with swearing and all, but could you leave it out of the title? I just don’t like seeing the word ‘fucker’ every time I go to my homepage.

What was that about people screaming about VTAK? I seem to recall you doing that yourself on at least two occasions. But yeah, road safety – get into it kids.

By the way, you posted, I love you.

Geo - March 30, 2010

Think of a new title and edit it in.

And I scream VTEC in a mocking manner. Because I hate Honda. Except the NSX.

Deft-Monkey - March 31, 2010


It’s hard to discern your mocking manner from your normal one. It’s not unlike you to yell and hit things.

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