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Live performances as compared to Studio recordings by every artist – This one’s a serious post. April 21, 2010

Posted by Swifty in Music.

Lol, yeah. Somewhat serious.

Anyway, the basic thing is this. I’ve noticed, and been a part of before, the crowd that seems to build when someone performs on stage, be they a band or a solo artist. However, a more notorious crowd is known as the internet. The internet is the essentially the world’s rumour mill collaborated with narrow-minded individuals who are not accepting of change, facts, of quite simply, other people’s ideas. As a few of you will probably know, I use to be an avid Linkin Park fan, which I still am, but to a lesser extent. And before that, it was Green Day. Now, its Taylor Swift (Yes, I’ve somewhat talked about her before, but shut up and let me finish). Yes, so she went of tune in her performance at the Grammy’s, but does that make her any less of an artist? I mean, I like Sum 41, and a great many of the songs. From The Hell Song to Walking Disaster, either way, they are some of the best. But, in all the videos that I’ve watched, I must admit that they are somewhat mediocre at live performances. So far, the only live performance I’ve enjoyed in regard to them was a performance of Pieces in Germany, I think. But that doesn’t make me think any less of them. It’s not necessary the way they sound, but more what they’re saying.



Expecting something less when recieving something more April 17, 2010

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Yesterday I watched a flick known universally as ‘Kick Ass’ and quite frankly, I was surprised. For everything it seemed it would do, it didn’t. It did better. No, in fact, more than better. It delivered in a level never seen before with a film that is supposed to. Now, I’m not saying it was the best movie I have ever seen, though it does belong in the group ‘Fantastic-Movie-I-Would-Pay-For’. And trust me, its pretty ****in’ hard to get there.

This is what I expected it to be

I'm gonna stick my shoe in your anus!


We’ll Have You Going Gaga April 13, 2010

Posted by Charith in Music.

Believe it or not, this won’t be a post on Lady Gaga, wonderful as I think she is. Nope, time for me to shamelessly pimp some music to you that you’re hopefully quite unfamiliar with. If not, kudos to you for knowing such quality sounds. But first for something that you should have heard before. If you haven’t, watch it buddy, I’m going to come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

Chitty chitty bang bang, we love you!

So how is this family classic relevant to anything at all? Well, unless you’ve been stalking me on Facebook or Twitter, you’re about to find out!

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Wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi! April 10, 2010

Posted by Swifty in Day-to-day happenings, Events, Food, Life experience, Music, News.

So, a few days ago, myself, Deft and a couple other of friends from our school went on a jolly trip around our city, the beloved land, Sydney.

Yes, I’m a Commie bastard, but what can I say? I’m joking. I’m as far from Communism as Judaism can be.

I’m sorry, I’ll stop being so … anti-culturalistic. Wait, communism isn’t a culture…

AH, I’m off topic!

On topic!

So, we went to the city. Yes, yes we did. I’ll say, it was rather interesting. It was fun, and awesome, and fun. Strangely enough, we managed to spend a good 12 hours together doing God-knows-what. However, we must all agree that the highlight of the night was Alan eating Wasabi.

Boy, was it hilarious.

The real shit.



It’s Been Fun April 1, 2010

Posted by Charith in Events.

Yeah, so Good Friday is tomorrow, signifying the end of the first term of school for this year. To follow this are 2 weeks of holidays and then time to get strapped back into school work.

Well, as the seasons change along with the terms, I think I’ll make a change myself. Yes, it’s been fun for me and I do hope for anyone who reads my posts as well. It did take some deep consideration, but I’ve made the decision to relieve myself from this position of blogger. Not that terribly many people are out there reading what I write anyway, but I would like to say sorry and thanks to all of those who have been kind enough to take a little time out of their schedules to digest some of my nonsensical burblings.

Just like Craig

I’m going off everything actually – Facebook, Twitter and even my ever so beloved JPH!P community. I’ll miss all you guys and girls, with all those sultry poses everywhere I look.

Most of all, I’d like to apologise to that face guy and Geo because I decided this all on my lonesome without any discussion. ¬†Thanks to Mr. Face for giving me the opportunity to start writing on a blog, I’d already given up with my personal one long before, but you gave me new hope. Also, cheers to Geo for joining the site upon my request, I’ll always love you like a brother, my man. I still plan on increasing that 75% compatibility!

Yeah, both of them, not to mention all of our readers and blessed commenters, (you have no idea how happy it’s made me to read your responses) cheers for making this an enjoyable experience.

I’m unsure of my fellow bloggers’ intentions, but if my understanding of them is accurate, they will also be stepping down in the near future, at which point I will terminate this blog altogether.

But enough of this sombre tone! Let’s reminisce together!

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