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It’s Been Fun April 1, 2010

Posted by Charith in Events.

Yeah, so Good Friday is tomorrow, signifying the end of the first term of school for this year. To follow this are 2 weeks of holidays and then time to get strapped back into school work.

Well, as the seasons change along with the terms, I think I’ll make a change myself. Yes, it’s been fun for me and I do hope for anyone who reads my posts as well. It did take some deep consideration, but I’ve made the decision to relieve myself from this position of blogger. Not that terribly many people are out there reading what I write anyway, but I would like to say sorry and thanks to all of those who have been kind enough to take a little time out of their schedules to digest some of my nonsensical burblings.

Just like Craig

I’m going off everything actually – Facebook, Twitter and even my ever so beloved JPH!P community. I’ll miss all you guys and girls, with all those sultry poses everywhere I look.

Most of all, I’d like to apologise to that face guy and Geo because I decided this all on my lonesome without any discussion.  Thanks to Mr. Face for giving me the opportunity to start writing on a blog, I’d already given up with my personal one long before, but you gave me new hope. Also, cheers to Geo for joining the site upon my request, I’ll always love you like a brother, my man. I still plan on increasing that 75% compatibility!

Yeah, both of them, not to mention all of our readers and blessed commenters, (you have no idea how happy it’s made me to read your responses) cheers for making this an enjoyable experience.

I’m unsure of my fellow bloggers’ intentions, but if my understanding of them is accurate, they will also be stepping down in the near future, at which point I will terminate this blog altogether.

But enough of this sombre tone! Let’s reminisce together!

Yeah, how do they say it in France? BURN, BURN, BURN THE FRE… No, I think it was… Ah, yes! April Fools, kids.

I do apologise for my poor sense of humour. Exams are over, I’m tired and I get to relax for a little while. Just a bit. However, it wasn’t all a lie because I’m just such a nice guy (by ‘nice’ I obviously mean pompous and large-headed). Of course, there was some truth to it. I may not be leaving this blog for good or deleting it from the face of the interwebs, but I will be taking a hiatus from most everything that can correlate to fun or procrastination. Not that any of you will really notice, considering how rarely make a post here anyway, am I right?

I’ll still be posting, but probably about as much as I do now. Not very often, that is.  Maybe we ought to recruit more writers here, but then if we’re busy, I hate to imagine what everyone else’s lives must be like.

Moving onto some substantial nourishment – April Fools’ (I’m sorry, I’m really unsure of that there, pesky apostrophe) Day. Of all the trivial single day holidays (i.e. not religious holidays), April Fools’ seems to be the one that stands out to me. Stands out as one with some sort of meaning, that is. You don’t need to pointlessly spend whole pay checks to enjoy the day like on Valentine’s. Not even, all you have to do (and if you’re really a stiff, it’s not a necessity) is employ a little trickery.

The phrase you hear enough to make a grown woman’s ears bleed from the outside in (think about it) on Halloween is “Trick or treat!” The littlies nowadays have no idea about the holiday, do they?  They just wait expectantly on our doorsteps for lollies, sweets, candy, tooth-rotters and what have you. If you so much as whisper the word ‘trick’, don’t be surprised if they give you a look like you’re the idiot in costume. Honestly, I’ve had children come up to my door in their witch rhymes with outfits, holding out their paper I explode in a fit of rage if they’re plastic bags, who, without hesitation may I add with a little pride (?), shouted in my face, spraying me with a barrage of infant flecks of saliva, “TRICK OR TREAT!”

I looked down on them, because they’re shorter than me, of course, and flashed them a friendly smile. I wonder why they cowered in fear then My simple reaction was to put a hand on my hip and lean on the door frame, for I’m really just a sassy lassy at heart, and I said, “Treat.” The geared up kiddies faltered in their composure. I think I inadvertently killed them a tad on the inside. The three girls looked to each other, seeking answers, but there were none to be found. However, being young, they had that youthful energy and decided not to give up! Such resilience! “Trick or… Treat?”

A valiant effort. In the end they walked away with empty bags and spirits shaken and dampened, trying to make sense of what had just occurred. I just happened to not have any form of sugar in my house that wasn’t raw – I was fully prepared for a pie in the face!

First April Fools’ Day, a little bit on Valentine’s and just now Halloween – what is this? A holiday post. Might as well be. April Fools’ Day is a pretty nifty design, if you think about it. It all comes down to the wit of individuals such as yourselves. I like the thought of that, although no one’s really tried anything on me today. Frankly, I’m a little relieved because then I seek revenge, usually.

I’ll leave you all with a little something that has really brightened up my past week! Happy Easter, everybody!

It’s not like me to do this too often when I blog, but I can’t help it when it comes to old school KARA – SungHee <3 I don’t know how to do your fancy filled hearts, I’m afraid.

Credits: Wikimedia

Kampac Music Blog

foxyfli @ YouTube

– Deft



1. ruraldaze - April 1, 2010

Aww man it’s sad seeing people come and go like that. It’s been good times reading your posts, Deft. Though not many, your subtle humour random babbling are good reads. Now you got me thinking about stopping my blogging work to concentrate on studies.

Deft-Monkey - April 1, 2010

It’s a shame to think that people don’t read whole posts, don’t you think? Feels like such a waste.

2. Geo - April 2, 2010

Dammit man, at least blog occasionally. No one will bother read my autobabble and such.

Deft-Monkey - April 3, 2010

You’re all a bunch of prats. Read the whole stupid post before you make comments.

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