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Live performances as compared to Studio recordings by every artist – This one’s a serious post. April 21, 2010

Posted by Swifty in Music.

Lol, yeah. Somewhat serious.

Anyway, the basic thing is this. I’ve noticed, and been a part of before, the crowd that seems to build when someone performs on stage, be they a band or a solo artist. However, a more notorious crowd is known as the internet. The internet is the essentially the world’s rumour mill collaborated with narrow-minded individuals who are not accepting of change, facts, of quite simply, other people’s ideas. As a few of you will probably know, I use to be an avid Linkin Park fan, which I still am, but to a lesser extent. And before that, it was Green Day. Now, its Taylor Swift (Yes, I’ve somewhat talked about her before, but shut up and let me finish). Yes, so she went of tune in her performance at the Grammy’s, but does that make her any less of an artist? I mean, I like Sum 41, and a great many of the songs. From The Hell Song to Walking Disaster, either way, they are some of the best. But, in all the videos that I’ve watched, I must admit that they are somewhat mediocre at live performances. So far, the only live performance I’ve enjoyed in regard to them was a performance of Pieces in Germany, I think. But that doesn’t make me think any less of them. It’s not necessary the way they sound, but more what they’re saying.

It really gets on my nerves. I’d rather not judge anyone’s live performances. People have bad days, no matter what they’re doing, be it performing, gaming, racing, killing people, etc. But the amount of hate mail that I’ve read about Taylor Swift (shut-up, I’m bored, kay?) irritates me. There’s all this saying “ZOMG, SHE SINGS OUTTA TUNE, SHE’S SHITTTT” Or “CARRIE UNDERWOOD IS THE SEX. WOO. I LOVE YOU. COME FUCK ME” etc. And all I’d like to say is “Dear Strange Child. Ever had a bad day?” Of course, then I’d get trolled and I’d have to troll back, and its something I honestly can’t be bothered to do.

If anyone knows how much I care about Linkin Park, you’d think its weird for me to say this: They’re not as good as they use to be. Live, I mean. Before, Chester could hold the notes, on the RTR Tour, not so well. But I’ll say its just a bad day. There’s also the pressure. Of course, you notice it less at the bands that have been around for over ten years, such as Linkin Park, Metallica, Green Day, etc. But its different for a 21 year old singer who went into studios when she was 16 with recordings of her songs and saying to millionaire producers “Hi, I’m Taylor and this is my CD”. Well, it was something along those lines. Anyway, you get what I mean. You can’t compare someone who’s been playing for years, reaching a decade, to someone who’s only just had a taste of fame and is on a path to fortune. It’s like comparing cave men to Bill Gates in terms of technical know-how. Well. That was a strange image.

And I know not many people read this blog, but to the people who do, if your harbour negative comments about a musician, do keep it to yourself. People have bonds with their favourite artist, and they’ll defend it with a lot. Except for maybe Deft. I’m exactly sure if he’s bonded to the music he listens to in the way I’m bonding to mine. But that’s up for me to find out

And also I’m sorry for my tone, serious-ness, and other assorted differences to my other posts. I just so happen to be bored and rather in need of venting.


– Kenzo.

P.S. Yes, I’m a fan of Taylor Swift, but I promise not to post anything related to her anymore. I know people tire of it.



1. Deft-Monkey - April 21, 2010

No more Taylor Swift posts? Well, that is disappointing. Now how will we teach kids out there like Lemmer that she is indeed caucasian?

Honestly, when it comes to things like singing some off notes during a live performance, people only care because they’re looking for something to be dissatisfied and hold against an artist. With those like Taylor Swift, it’s harder for them given their powerful singing ability, so they get more flak.

Bound to my music? Afraid not. It’s true that I listen to a lot of K-Pop, but I’m willing to listen to almost any type of music and I won’t go saying that my K-Pop is so much better than some music of another genre. I do love listening to music, but I won’t go and defend it because I understand that not everyone has to like what I do, just as I won’t like everything that they do. Agreeing to disagree is fine with me.

You make me jealous, with your posting. I’m itching to write something, but maths is getting me down.

2. Kenzo - April 21, 2010

Eh, maybe a post every now and then about her won’t hurt.

Do your maths. Put the blog on leave for a while, if you need to catch up.
And if you’re willing, I could ‘try’ to ‘help’ you with some maths.

Deft-Monkey - April 21, 2010

It’s not that I need to catch up as such, just have to start revising like the next exam is always tomorrow.

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