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[Insert Sad Face] May 1, 2010

Posted by Charith in Events.

They grow up so fast, it’s like you were only kicking them in the shins just yesterday. I say that, but the ‘good old days’ really aren’t a period of my life that I’m particularly fond of for various reasons. Enough about me though, because this post is all about someone else although I will inevitably come running back to steal the spotlight, surely. He’s been Another Soul, :o AKA that face guy/facial and now Kenzo. Happy Birthday for yesterday, buddy.

Sorry, I still think she’s weird. So are you.

I’ve known Kenzo since we were in kindergarten together. Good times were had, friendships weren’t made (I think you know) and glasses with a rainbow strap were worn. He was a geeky-looking kid, with an amusingly-shaped head and a gorgeous rat tail. Admittedly, I don’t really miss that CSI-loving boy from the past (I couldn’t go over to his house one time because CSI was on television that day), because despite his many several multitude of ிிிிஹஹஹ gargantuan infinite endless towering innumerable flaws, Kenzo’s a much better person than he used to be. Less of a prat, to be plain and simple.

Sure, he’s still an oddish (I only ever caught it to get Vileplume or Bellossom, I swear!) kid, who wears Cotton On/General Pants Co. -type clothing and has a seemingly endless love for Taylor Swift. What’s more, he’s going to Japan at the end of the year because he wants to eat deep fried chicken skin. I must confess, I’m envious of him because he’s going with his sister there. Childhood love, say what

So, while he may not act like it, Kenzo has indeed reached 17 years of age, to be official. I find it amusing that he still can’t legally buy and drink alcohol, not that his family sees that as a problem… Don’t worry, we’ll just all go to John’s and Kenny’s joint party in November or whenever it is and drink with Kenny’s sisters.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your Japanese birthday dinner with your family & friends. Did you buy up the whole restaurant?

Oh, and not to worry, Kendy, your secret’s safe with me.

My thoughts, man. Abeeeeeerrrrrvvvvv.

Credits: http://www.sodahead.com


JustinBieberVEVO @ YouTube

– Deft



1. Kenzo - May 2, 2010

Naw, bby <3

2. Crev =] - May 13, 2010

your ideal gift, Kenzo :P

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