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The Fight to See Bees June 26, 2010

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EDIT: Oh, and as a gift for everyone in general, I changed back the theme to good old Regulus. I don’t know what’s wrong with Kenzo, he has issues that need to be sorted out. I like my simple, white space, with everything nice and clean, thanks very much.

See bees not sea bees

For the large majority of you who I’m sure will understand that (look at yourself, reading a blog – if you don’t get it, you’re beyond help) the title doesn’t make sense. However, I think that’s A-OK because it’s all for a what I believe is a greatly magical cause.

It’s fast, (you know it) it’s furious (we’ll show it) and it’s your guilty pleasure – IT’S GEOFFREY!!!  Yes indeed, it is Geo’s (I still cringe using that nickname) 18th birthday today. By international standards, he’s legal to get down to any well-organised, erotic business that comes his way and egad, how long it has taken!

Geoff, you’re so open and I love that because then I can easily….

I have to admit, you make the rest of us look amazingly hot, so much so that everyday with you is sweltering (sorry, I’ll leave). Despite this, you seem to be the one who gets all the girls. The logic doesn’t connect in my head, but maybe that’s why it works for you? Not everyone is able to think with their… Did I ever tell you about the time that our ladam showed his lack of a gag reflex? It was unexpectedly arousing.

I first met Geoff when I was in Year 3 at some North Shore tuition place. I’d always feel paranoid whenever I went in that direction in the car with my parents. I think I cried one time because I was afraid of going there, but I’m oh-so masculine, so probably not. Tis but a figment of my imagination. So yes, back then, little Miss Geo was, believe it or not, about as crazy as she is now. By she I obviously mean he, like Julia Gillard. Oh no I didn’t! He seemed to take joy in taking the proverbial mickey (I like how it’s related to Catholicism) out of our teachers, especially our female, Chinese maths teacher. Well, there was one exception. Some blond bombshell who always had this dazed look on her face captivated this fine gentleman. I remember that she was the only teacher for whom he behaved himself.

Geo’s always been a somewhat odd, drinking copious (I know you like that word) amounts of coca-cola on a daily basis, being accused as a stalker to some extent & threatened, displaying undesired bodily functions on buses and possessing a love/hate relationship with China as a general whole. Whether it’s in spite of or due to such things, I’m not sure, but he is one of my closest friends and has been for several years now. I can’t explain it, but Geoff just has this chemistry with everyone who meets him. A large part of you thinks that this isn’t the kind of person you should be getting involved in and yet he is irresistible. People like him make life more interesting for me, so I appreciate Geoff.

About five friends (including Kenzo & Geo) and I went out a few hours ago to celebrate his birthday. We had some Korean BBQ. Good fun was had, going to one restaurant and then running away while the staff’s backs were turned away from us, all because they didn’t have all you can eat. In the end, we went to another Korean BBQ place in some other suburb and had a good time. Admittedly, my tongue feels somewhat weird right now and I’m too tired at this point to make some immature joke with innuendo. We talked, we ate, we laughed, we took photos, we paid for the birthday boy, walked outside and got ice cream. There was nothing about this night that I didn’t like, except maybe that the K-Pop mix CD I was burning to play in Geoff’s car wasn’t finished by the time we left my home. On the way back, when it was just us two, we sang along to ‘I Want It That Way’ by the Backstreet Boys at the top of our lungs. I miss getting to enjoy myself like this and I hope there are plenty more opportunities in the future.

Happy Birthday, Geoffrey – you’ve survived this long, don’t let the system get you now.

Photo credit: lindalulu @ Authspot

– Deft



1. Geo - June 26, 2010


Thanks Deft, love you man.

2. Crev =] - July 1, 2010

good thing to see this blog is still here up and running :D

where’s kenzo gone off to?

Deft-Monkey - July 2, 2010

Even better to see that there’s still someone who reads! Sorry we lack in posting power, but we’re putting our last year of high school first at the moment… I think. We’re halfway there and then we’re free!!! Kenzo has been keeping working hard, trying to get his marks above mine, which shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m not sure about the others, but I’ll try to post a little more! I’m seeing Toy Story 3 tonight anyway, so there’s a good chance!

Crev =] - July 2, 2010

keep up the good writing work :D

inspirational stuff. good to see such a blog having come such a long way.

3. anonymous - July 25, 2010

who’s deft-monkey? Charith?

Deft-Monkey - July 25, 2010

Mhm, sorry to disappoint.

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