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The Good, the Bad & the OH SNAP – HE’S EVIL!!! July 4, 2010

Posted by Charith in Films.

So we’ve been relatively quiet for quite some time, but I swear, our obvious excuse is a solid one! We’ve been bogged down by our final year in high school. By that, I obviously mean that we’ve been shaking our fists at our Higher School Certificates for a scheduled 20 hours of each day, (we’ve got to sleep, too) which does not leave a terribly large opportunity to write up posts. To be more truthful, school takes a lot of our motivation for blogging away and doesn’t give it back. If we did attempt to write regularly, we’d end up hating on pretty much everything and I frankly think there’s enough of that on the interwebs. Don’t expect more posts to be coming your way more regularly because we’re only getting busier – I just want you kids to know that we’ll be back.

Now enough of these sappy formalities! There is a post to be written and a story to be told!

It seemed appropriate at the time

Credit: The Age

So yesterday was the last day of the school term and to celebrate one of my last days of partial freedom, I went out with some friends to watch Toy Story 3. Words cannot describe how amazing it is, but hey, I’ll give it a swing.

The original Toy Story was a remarkable (I just realised how much I like that word) piece of cinematic art. I remember being awed by such an action packed, child-friendly and plain fun movie. I was really jealous of other young boys who had Buzz Lightyear action figures. I wonder why I never realised, despite him clearly being incapable in the film, that Buzz could not fly? Perhaps it was his triumphant gliding and rocket-riding. It’s really a trademark Disney/Pixar production that set the benchmark for all CGI films. The story was not compromised for a new and marvellous breakthrough in visual technology like Avatar, but rather combined the two to reach the hearts of dream-filled children of the world. Wow, that was corny.

To clear something up for everyone who absolutely gets on my nerves with their misinformed knowledge, I will quote Wikipedia (heh, a reliable source, no doubt) :

Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated family film, the first Disney/Pixar film to be made, as well as the first feature film in history to be made entirely with CGI.

Take that, Shrek. Pfft, I honestly cannot imagine why people would claim Shrek to be the first ever film that was entirely made with CGI. Was it just the first for Dreamworks? I’m not bashing Shrek, I did enjoy the first movie – even the Eddie Murphy aspect of it – it’s just that Toy Story is a milestone in the film industry and should be appreciated as such.

Controversy aside,  I’ll move on to the Toy Story 3 part shortly. I feel that I should say something about Toy Story 2, but it’s everything that you would expect in a good sequel for  a brilliant movie. It wasn’t as good as the first film, but what is?

I’ll answer that – Toy Story 3. Egad.

It’s unheard of in the animated film world – the third installment of a trilogy that lives up to the first of its line. I mean, there are trilogies with (God forbid) real people in them that remained at a peak throughout each part. I’m obviously referring to the original Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI, as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy (even though it was based on the books).  It’s crazy, but both Disney and Pixar did it. If anything, Toy Story 2 being slightly beneath the first was just a part of the companies’ master plan for Toy Story 3.

Okay, now enough avoiding (I’ve got avoidance issues, sorry), Toy Story 3 was an emotional rollercoaster. I won’t try to say much about the plot because I refuse to spoil it for anyone who has not watched it, even if they never will (like my mother). It’s too deserving of each individual’s own eyes. First of all – there was no Bo Peep (bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep ah! Bonus points for whoever gets the reference)!!! I almost lost my composure when I found out in the cinema, almost lost my cool (not that it was ever there to start with, am I right?). I guess the characters whose voice actors died or became mute due to old age were just cut.

As I’m sure many of you have heard, the story is basically about what happens to Andy’s (the boy who owns Woody, Buzz and all of the toys)  toys when he is getting ready to go to college, age 17. Now, I’m not sure for the people who’ve watched the new movie yet, but for me, that just resonated how much it meant to me, given that I am now myself 17 years old. I feel that it was specifically made for those of us who watched the first two movies when we were little and played with physical toys because there were no brain-draining, affordable gaming systems, (less than three) just from all the emotions I experienced in my cinema seat.

AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! I want to... I want to..! Give him a cuddle.

This guy here. This Lots-o’-huggin’ bear here, Lots-o for short, is possibly one of the baddest villains to ever come to screens. He rivals Darth Sidious, he puts shame to Lord Voldemort, he makes me want to swear so hard that my body starts producing its own soap to clean my mouth out with. I know that saying that he’s the bad guy is something of a spoiler, but looking at him, you can tell after watching Toy Story 2. Don’t worry, he gets the chance to redeem of himself, but in the words of the dux of my grade, he is a bastard. In the most absolute form. Look forward to him, there won’t be many baddies like him.

In terms of visuals, one of the greatest aspects of Toy Story 3 that ought to be appreciated is the toys. I’m a young man, but I hold back nothing when I say that all of the new toys are so cute. There are peas, a telephone, a hedgehog and Chuckles the clown (yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh Chuckles!). Oh, did I forget to mention? It. Has. Totoro. The toys aren’t just spectacular in the visuals department, but also audio – they’re just so fun, energised and well, alive. They make one miss the old days of playing with toys.

Something you don’t find nowadays in movies is a good, clean sense of humour. The jokes in this are hilarious and they don’t need to be crude or stupid to make the audience laugh.  Chuckles the clown was a great example of this. The first time he appeared, he’s bathed in moonlight and then came a collective “AWWWWW” from the females in the cinema and a few laughs from most people. Then he spoke. Laughter. The whole cinema. This movie is magical.

There are also a few gay jokes thrown in, regarding Ken, who most of you should remember as Barbie’s boy toy (look, that’s punny!) years  ago. The scriptwriter(s) was smart enough not to overdo it, but the occasional poking of fun was very well received. One could actually consider his personality has being topically relevant to modern society, as there are several men with a passion for fashion.

Okay, so as I said before, Toy Story 3 was very emotional for me and, from the reactions of my friends, moving for many people who have seen it. I don’t think that it would have the same effect on young children, but it works to such a degree on those within a few years up and down of me because we have seen the first two movies. I went out with four others guys and five girls last night – all of the girls cried, one guy cried and the rest of us came close. Yes, even me, with my defective tear glands, almost cried. For me, there were two parts of the film, both near the end that made me hang on the edge of self control. I still feel deep sorrow just thinking about it. It was just so confronting and touching, I think I squirmed in my seat with discomfort.

Alas, I cannot reveal any more than I already have. I recommend everyone to go out and watch Toy Story 3, regardless of whether or not you have studies that require your attention. You owe the final piece of a childhood memory that at least. I plan on buying the Toy Story boxset when it is released, because it is too beautiful a trilogy to just leave in history.

We are eternally grateful!

Credits: Wikipedia



– Deft



1. Deft-Monkey - July 4, 2010

Well, I just barely scraped over midnight in posting this, so I’ll just say that I saw Toy Story 3 on Friday evening.

By the way, I have a Toy Story game on SNES. Jealous?

2. Dr Lemlemz - July 5, 2010

Yes Jealous, and OMG I SOO WANT TO SEE IT!!!

3. Crev =] - July 20, 2010

meh, does the third movie live up to the previous two?

I haven’t seen it yet, but my sister seems strangely over obsessed with talking toys ==”

Deft-Monkey - July 20, 2010

Definitely and easily. The third movie is better than the second and possibly as good as the first. It is one of the best ending to a trilogy that I’ve ever seen. If Disney/Pixar decide to make a fourth, I will not consider it canon and shall proceed to shoot the supergiants.

So basically, yes, you should see it. As soon as we got out of the cinema, my friends and I just had a big group hug – a worthy reaction.

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