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I Love My Robots Furry July 5, 2010

Posted by Charith in Music.

In Soviet Russia, robots love you furry. Well, it’s not like I have the time to be doing this, I could be better spending it by doing English past papers, but I need some stress relief and I need to make this post because it’s been on my mind for almost a week now.

As most of you by now know, I listen to K-pop (i.e. Korean pop) quite avidly. As a result, I’ve lost a lot of contact with Western music. I have to say that I’ve really missed songs in which I understand the lyrics, even though I usually don’t care for them anyway. I actually used to watch videos of Korean idols performing covers of Western songs to try getting my fix, sadly enough. I’d laugh at all their mispronunciations because the phonetics of the Korean language are different than in English. If you’ve ever watched the Korean History Channel on Youtube, you would. If you haven’t, well today’s your lucky day.

It’s really not that good, pretty lame to tell you the truth, but it is quote-worthy. It’s fine, it gets hyped up by those who watch it, especially the Caucasians. Really, this is just a distraction an introduction.

Last week, feeling down in the dumps about all the K-pop I listen to, I went about finding Western music, or more accurately, non-Korean music. It was a magical experience.

I was surfing the web, looking for new music and there was one artist, a DJ, who stood out to me. Bearbot. Now, because you don’t live in my head, you wouldn’t have heard my inner voice shouting out about ten profanities, but I assure you, each one was all for a good reason. Why don’t you just judge for yourself a little?

One last one for all my fellow geeks who know more than me:

Now I can assure you that I haven’t heard all of the individual songs used for these mashups, but I really like Bearbot’s style. I always thought remixes were about coming out with something really flamboyant and hard-hitting that people good go all-out crazy to. I’m sure the same can be done with these, but there’s a certain finesse to these tracks. I highly recommend her ‘Alps In This Club’ single. I can’t help singing along to it and bouncing around in my swivel chair. One time I fell backwards in my chair. Considering that I am me, it’s not an unlikely scenario.

Several of you might be surprised by my sudden taking up of this genre, but I try to give everything a chance. My theory is that every musical genre has something to offer, even if I don’t like most of it. I used to loathe rap, but I can’t get enough Lupe Fiasco and I’m warming up to other rappers as well. You can judge me if you want, it doesn’t really matter. I mean, if you didn’t judge me for loving K-pop, why would you start now? Besides, I also found other music that is much more of a type that suits me, but that’s for you to find out for yourself.

So, I’m not sure whether or not you noticed, but I did indeed refer to Bearbot as ‘her’. The obvious conclusion from this would be that she’s female and on the internet, you get bonus points for being sexist that! I have to say that I love her for her remixes and mashups, but she’s nice on the eyes as well, which is always a refreshing change.

Why so artsy?

DJ, put it back on!

The album cover for her concept album The Life Cycle of a Star:

Get into her music! Help her reach the whole world! Check her site out!

Credits: JustKiddingFilms @ Youtube

skatinVT @ Youtube

bearbotmusic @ Youtube

Bearbot’s Myspace

– Deft



1. Dr Lemlemz - July 5, 2010

Korean History Channel soo overrated!!
music clips are good though well 1st and 3rd are didn’t bother with 2nd :P

Deft-Monkey - July 6, 2010

Man, but the second one is pretty hot – the combination of the two songs is just so seamless.

I don’t want to stop making posts, I just do what I can.

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