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Like Hell ‘Satan’ Isn’t Pronounced ‘Satin’ July 18, 2010

Posted by Charith in Observations.

This post has nothing to do with the way one of the devil’s names ought to be pronounced, but yes, I used to think ‘Satan’ sounded the same as ‘satin’, or if I wanted to shake things up a little, ‘Saturn’. However it was only when I read the name, I had heard “Saytan” (more like Saiyan, am I right?) several times.

Cute memories of my childhood foolishness aside, I have a bit of a bone to pick with people who use phrases with the simile “… like hell” or the metaphor “… as hell” oh-so flippantly. Get off your high horses, you gentry knights with your fancy lances. You know I love you, but you really need to change your ways, otherwise we’ll just go into another age of the Crusades. Planet of the Apes > the Crusades (you try beating ape people who look like Michael Jackson.)

A common phrase is “It’s as hot as hell.” Okay, fine, this I can deal with. The fiery lake of burning brimstone, I can accept that. Cool beans.

However, the same people who say that also say things like, “It’s as cold as hell.” Preposterous! Make up your mind! Is hell hot or is it cold? If someone said the first one to me and then the latter some other day, I’d assume they mean that it’s the same high temperature as before, just that they got stupid with their choice of wording.

“…Like hell” is only one misused expression, however. There are many out there, plaguing nice individuals such as yourselves with their lack of sense. It’s not your fault, I don’t blame you if you use these yourselves, it’s crept into society and nobody has ever really bothered to question it because it seems so natural.

The other main phrase I’m thinking of is “… like a bitch.” I don’t understand most of its uses. Why does, “It hurts like a bitch” translate to “I hurts a lot”? The logic eludes me, can someone please open my eyes for me?  By definition, a bitch is a female dog. Even as a slang term, it’s just an insult, mainly to describe women, but not restricted to them. Either way I look at the word, it just doesn’t function as a term of severity. Uh, I mean… a bitch has nothing to do with size. That doesn’t sound right, but I’m told I should be less wordy in general.

So, lesson to be learned today – people are losing intelligence by recycling words and putting them in places where they don’t belong. Argh, belonging! Die demon, die!!! It’s fun to belong, let’s all belong with one another.

Ngaw, I wanted to be all upbeat today. Oh well, I’m happier in spirit than in writing! Be consoled by that. Or don’t. The choice is yours, ladies and gentleman.

Credits: http://www.runningmovies.com

– Deft



1. Zoe - August 16, 2010

You realize the plural of ‘gentleman’ is ‘gentleMEN’, right?
So anywayyyy.
I was talking to K and saw the link to this. And I clicked on it. Obviously.
SATIN?!?!?! Satin. Seriously? *Snickers* Fortunately, my mother is obsessed with religion and has drilled into my head from a young age that “Saytan” is evil. Yeah, I’m agnostic now…
But a very interesting post..


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