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So it begins.. August 9, 2010

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

Trials. Fucking trials. Are actually over for me now but not for Deft and that other fag. Shit is seriously going down nowadays. I’m sorry for not posting as much but it’s not like anyone ever read what I had to say. For once I won’t talk about something automotive-related. My creative juices are drained.

no studying

I’m so sick of all this HSC riding up my ass. The HSC is basically the respective partner for a lot of people. It’s always there nagging you to do it everyday when you come home and when you do do it, you feel that sense of accomplishment. And belonging. How I fucking hate belonging. So much. Journeys was much more fun because EVERYTHING was a related text and easy anal. Belonging is a colossal cunt waiting to be stabbed in a shady alley.

In essence, the HSC is tiresome, a thorn in your side, constantly digging into you, clings onto you for years. You’ll never forget the impact it has had on your life. The days will go on and eventually you’ll slowly forget about it. It’s like a toy you really loved as a child. You loved it to bits (probably literally) and as you grow up, you slowly pushed it out of your life but it will always be on your mind. You can never forget something like that. Although it ain’t love for the HSC.

That’s just tough love, isn’t it? One day, the HSC will come to your doorstep pounding against the door, asking you to come back. It’s full of shit all the time. And the trials doesn’t even come close to finishing it. We have a bit more than two months until the real big daddy comes a knockin’. I guess we’ll deal with it when it gets here. In the meantime, I hope everyone who’s finished trials, enjoy your free-time. Get trashed. Get high. Just don’t take roofies.

And so it ends..



1. Sunny - August 16, 2010

hi geo!
haha I like the picture

zoom out, and HSC will be nothing

everytime some says ‘belonging’
I want to die

english is the most tortuous thing, and I can’t believe after trials I have to do it all again in HSC

Geo - August 16, 2010

Hi Sunny.

We have an English assessment right after trials. It’s fucked.

Deft-Monkey - August 16, 2010

Be happy, you don’t have to do an Extension English assessment as well. Oh, by the way, you two should come to Capper Fest on Friday 27th. Presentation of all our major works including all of the drama performances and we might perform some of the scriptwriters’ scripts as well. It’s in the school hall, so yeah, bring some friends along!

2. EXAMS ARE GAY - August 16, 2010


3. -K- - August 17, 2010

I love you, Geo. All cos of the image. <3

Geo - August 18, 2010

Just for you.

4. nadia - August 18, 2010

I don’t know who you are…

but you have efficiently grasped the external meaning of the HSC. A mindfuck and I can feel myself drowning in my own salty perspiration in the overheated halls – trials are killing everyone in this state and for the love of God, this isn’t even the end.

Bummer to hear that you have an assessment after trials. We finished all ours last term (let’s not forget a couple on my birthday, even).

Geo - August 18, 2010

Having an assessment on your birthday is fucking terrible. Like getting a knife-in-a-box for Christmas. The enclosure of the school hall filled with people makes me feel so damn claustrophobic.

5. Sunny - August 21, 2010

you guys are so metaphorical..

Body of work! Nuuuu

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