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FMH September 10, 2010

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

Yes, I know. You thought it said FHM. FMH is something I came up with in a dream where I stabbed a lot of people because you know, it’s normal to have those dreams. Self-explanatory really, Fuck My HSC. I’m really not down with this whole concept of having thirteen years of work crammed into the ultimate examination period we will experience for years to come. It’s quite really a ton of bullshit. The gravity of this pile of bullshit will eventually turn on us and fling it at our face in which case we’ll all contract gonorrhea, pink eye, or syphilis, or possibly all of them.

I love being cynical and all but it’s reflection time for the little seven days of school we have left. These days will fly past quickly and we won’t even notice it slip away. It’s hard to think that after so many years in confined classrooms filled with shitty desks suitable only for Gary Coleman that we will be free so soon. As it is from the date this post is made, a little under two months time, we’ll be partying away like no tomorrow. The highlight of this year’s Christmas will most probably be lying in a gutter in the dead suburb of  Glen Waverly in Melbourne. Hopefully there won’t be a crowd of rowdy university students prodding my body for loose change.

But seriously, fuck. Only seven days left. Only seven days to revise as much shit as we can as fast as we can. My brain is already on the verge of exploding from the amount of time I’ve spent not doing anything. Over the last few years, I admit, I’ve been an absolute lazy cunt. I’ve procrastinated so much that there should be a new word “procrastineffrey” just to describe the laziness. But now is the time to change. Now is the time to do it right, once and for all and fuck it, I’ll do it properly and do it bloody well.

It seems I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent. In a direction I didn’t really intend to. Nonetheless, my point stands, FMH, fuck the HSC, FML. Summarised pretty well there mind you.

Also, I’ll stop drinking from tomorrow night until my final exam. This. Will. Be. Fucked.



1. lemmer - September 11, 2010

nice, together we will try!

2. Hoopy Frood - September 12, 2010

Word of advice from a battered and severely bruised HSC veteran: take it all with a grain of salt. The HSC, the exams, the nerves, the stress, the tension. Okay, those last three were exactly the same thing.

Point being, the HSC isn’t the end of the world, and believe me, realizing that BEFORE the HSC and actually BELIEVING it makes a shitload of a difference. Because if you do believe it, during your exams you will be able to think outside the box, critically, and not be hopelessly stifled by all the memorized essays, notes and other memorabilia, which, while being essential baggage, should NEVER be ALL the baggage you take into the exam room. (Some students actually don’t take anything else in, they’re that smug about it) Markers get down on their knees and suck the hell out of your dick if you give them an honest, honed, tailored and curtailed answer. They interpret the risk a student takes as ‘the X Factor’ because they are tired, bored shitless losers who can’t tell the difference between a chartered accountant and a wombat. Mind you, if you stand out from the regurgitators, you need to pull it off (i.e. not repeating yourself, stuttering and overusing adjectives in your answer). I’m sure you’ve got enough flair to do that, just from reading your posts.

(I’m talking about essay questions here, by the way, not easy peasy math papers)

Good to see you’re getting pumped for the HSC, even if it’s by artfully crafting bogus words like procrastineffrey. Good one. I like it. But getting pumped isn’t enough these days, we’re way too cynical to find it sufficient to go out and rape an exam. GET PSYCHED!!

Good luck mate, the worst is almost over. Cherish the memories of your last week at school.

Geo - September 12, 2010

My mind is blown. Your words of wisdom serve well.

Deft-Monkey - September 14, 2010

Egad, that’s some golden advice, thanks very much.

Also Geo: I love the Phoenix Wright avatar.

Geo - September 14, 2010

Wholesome shit man. I’ll be writing another blog soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow.

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