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Repent, repent, the end is near.. September 20, 2010

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Wow, time has gone past so fast, I haven’t had time to catch up on my work (not that I would). The last day of school has passed and now we’re faced with three weeks of hardcore study. I can sense the fat pulling on already from staying at home all day and cramming my head full of shit that I most probably won’t need to know once I’m done with the HSC. It’s times like this that you can’t help but reminisce the first time I stepped into Normo and witnessed the shittacular magic that is our school. Though, with the amount of crap I’ve been pumping into my body the last six years, I really can’t remember much. Analogies are thrown all over the place but the one particular one I personally like is using a proper dinner course. We’ve gotten the drinks out of the way, the entrée was a breeze to stuff down, the main was juicy and meaty and now we have dessert. Paincakes.. I mean pancakes.

I don’t want to sound too selfish but it’s hard to believe that I actually managed to not drop-out or get myself killed in the past six years. Those who know me know the stupid kinds of shit I’ve come across and done and I hope you know that I’ve moved on from it all (lol jks). The magic of the HSC is that it is the dessert of high school life. The sheer amount of fat and sugar that is crammed in it topped of with thick chocolate syrup really makes it something that you want to take nice and slow, but not overkill it and shove it down.

The main lesson learned from dinner is to proportion is just right. You don’t want to get trashed off your face when you’re having drinks, and you don’t want to eat too much of the entrée before you main. And you always, ALWAYS, want to have just enough space in yourself for that delicious dessert waiting for you in the fridge out back. To all those seasoned HSC veterans out there, I salute you and any advice you’ve given me over the years about preparing myself for this whole load of fucking shit. Without your guidance, I wouldn’t be alive right now and that can be taken literally.

Massive props though for our year advisor who’s dealt with so much of our shit and taken so many blows for us. Six years have gone and that’s six years I want to repay you for the deeds you have done for us, to keep us out of trouble and in school, to save the utters failures like me from getting myself too deep in the shithole my throat closes up and I asphyxiate. All these things have been done, you’ve done good. Look at us now. We’re an able bunch now. You should be proud of what we’ve become over these short years of our lives.

For everyone else in year 12, I’ll genuinely miss you all. The fuckton of random shit we’ve done over the years really has changed my life. Those close to me have helped me become a better person and I really appreciate everything you’ve done, seriously.

But tomorrow, we shall triumph. Over the juniors, over the fucking years 11s, over the whole motherfucking school, SHIT WILL GO DOWN.

I love the smell of rubber in the morning.



1. Deft-Monkey - September 20, 2010

So close, I can almost taste the end!

It’s been great knowing you over the years. Even though we’re really different, we’ve always gotten along well and I hope that never changes. Let’s keep in touch even after high school’s over and done with, yeah?

Geo - September 20, 2010

You going to ANU depresses me but we definitely gotta hit up West Penno sports club with Gabriel and Lemmer sometime.

2. Christopher "sexy beast" "looks better as a chick" Lemmer - September 30, 2010

*Likes Geo’s suggestion*, you guys are my bros and bros come before anything, cept my actual bro coz well he’s #1, but yeha i got your backs, always, i’m just a call away!
and Geo it’s been great knowing you over the last 8 years or so man and well growing with you, regardless of how many times you made me shake my head or shit my pants worrying about you, crazy kid.
But yeah your shenanigans are some of the most remarkable things about my high school life and you can bet that, if i ever have kids, they’ll hear about Crazy Geo.
Also multiple others i meet coz dude you straight out G so go out and rock the HSC with me man let’s leave an impression ;)

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