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Done and dusted. November 4, 2010

Posted by Geo in Uncategorized.

Well I actually finished last Monday but there’s no harm in posting now. Deft should be finishing tomorrow and I have no idea when the hell the other guy finishes. This post will be short and sweet.

It’s good that it’s over. It seems after all that hard work (read: pre-exam cramming), it really was sort of good for me in the end. No, not really. I did enjoy it though. All the times at school, causing shenanigans, those are the times I’ll miss the most. The good times and the bad times are things you just never forget, especially in high school.

My father once told me that friends you make after high school won’t always be around forever, but friends you do make in high school stick around until you die. I really hope this is true because the people I’ve met the past six years have been special. Nothing gay, just special (maybe a little bit).

Anyway, the beginning of the end is upon us now and for the next couple months, it’ll just be partying until we pass out. Seriously need to get a good NYE party going and get Deft hammered because I have never seen him drink ever.

And in the final spirit of the HSC, I leave you with an image that has guided my life for the past twelve months as I’ve endured the good times and the bad, even the ugly.

I think is my first post to not have a swear. Also there are quite a lot of clichés in this I hope you all ignore.



1. Sunny - November 19, 2010

I heard the opposite; uni friends become your long term friends, you forget almost everyone in high school.

I half agree
I will forget almost everyone
almost ; )

You’re pretty unforgettable Geo


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