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It’s Goot. It’s Grait. November 4, 2010

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Being born and brought up in Australia, I find it difficult to begin sentences with the word ‘and’, but I believe that this particular occasion deserves such an atrocity. Please find it in your deep, dark hearts to forgive me.

And so ends thirteen years of school education. I must say, I feel exactly the same as I did in school, just… Happier. I’m suddenly busier, but with more freedom and time to get around to the things I’ve been missing out on thanks to that education that is meant to set me up for life. One can hope. I will hope. I’d might as well.

I don’t want to reminisce, not really. Maybe one day when I’m feeling nostalgic, but not today. Right now, it’s all about enjoying what’s to come and getting out into the world. Let’s do things, everyone. Let’s party, let’s go out for dinner, let’s go camping, let’s go to Newcastle and tear the place up, let’s have a massive LAN party, let’s play paintball, let’s go to the beach, let’s watch movies, let’s have a picnic, let’s  voicechat simply because we’re too lazy to get out of the house. Let’s do it all.

Are you standing on a tree stump shaped like a deer's head? If not, you should be

What’s first, you may ask? Well, I plan to go and donate blood either tomorrow or over the weekend some time. It’s a great feeling to know that you’re either saving lives or keeping alive that Edward Cullen who’s so hot right now fantasy in many girls’ heads. I wonder if the friendly people who work at the blood donation center will let me write a blood letter to someone I admire? I guess it’s too much to ask. I’d probably need to have someone whom I look up to that much.

Anyway, keeping this short because I’ve got gizzets to do, dinner to eat. Live long and prosper.

Note to self: Get Isaac wasted.

Credit: Chinook1980 @ flickr

– Deft



1. Geo - November 4, 2010

Note to you: get wasted.

2. Sunny - November 19, 2010

HAHA @ geo
I think he’d be the same, but slurred speech.

I agree with what you said
I feel same but happier

let’s have a forest party at Cumberland

Deft-Monkey - November 20, 2010

After just one, I get more talkative and am more willing to do things like karaoke, etc.

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