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Your Equilibrium is Out of Whack November 10, 2010

Posted by Charith in Observations.

Balance is such a hard thing to ensure. Being an extremist, though obviously extreme, is comparatively easier. Is something that’s so hard to achieve really worth it? My organisation skills are lacking and effort is always laced with dirty thoughts that you have, but I don’t.

Confused? Maybe you’ll understand better with a little more balance.

1997 Hercules, anyone?

I seem to recall a few years back, the government had a commerical to promote eating healthily. They said that everyone ought to have 5 serves of vegetable and 3 serves of fruit daily. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have that many meals in a day. It also seems rather excessive. It makes me wonder exactly what it is to have balance in one’s life?

Does it mean everything being in proportion, fifty-fifty? That can’t be true though, right? I mean, the idea of balance is that one thing will even out another. Like a cancelling effect. I punch you, you punch me and everything should be fine again, but it’s not. Now we both hurt and that’s just miserable.

The Chinese went to town with Yin and Yang.  It’s pretty brilliant in theory, what with there being a little bit of Yin in Yang and vice-versa, but it seems like a failsafe. It was as if someone thought, “Oh dear, I reckon people will try catching us out on this, so let’s make everything seem fair by mixing things up a little.” So, in essence, the Yin and Yang make a tasty cocktail for those conservative enough to believe in its practicality. Personally, I just like the symbol. It’s attractive and I would like to take it out to dinner some time, maybe take it home afterwards, put on a little gentle jazz.

Such fanciful ideas as balance are pleasant and easy on the eyes, but they go and screw the order of the universe in ways that no child should ever be exposed to. Take the US for example. They say that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, so they joined the war. Excuse me while I put on my patronising voice. Who’s a global superpower? Who’s a global superpower??? You are. Yes, you are!!! Good stuff, that balance.

Can’t we just do away with the idea of it? It’s too much of a convenient thing to say. I’m uncoordinated and keep falling over for no reason whatsoever. I’m biased, though, so you can basically ignore everything I tell you. In fact, I recommend it.

Let’s half of us go up while the other half go down. That works.

Credit: Handling the “TRUTH?” Blog




1. Anon - November 10, 2010

That was beautiful.

2. Sunny - November 19, 2010

does one serving of vegetable make a meal?

you write well~

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