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A New Breed of Tyrant April 19, 2011

Posted by Charith in Observations.
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There’s a new (but not actually) popular kid on the block and they mean srs bidnezz serious business. It (because man nor woman would do it justice) has no real special talents that we admire and yet we still find ourselves craving its presence. Many, including myself, have claimed to loathe it, but eventually we submit to its alluring charms.

What is it?

Not cryptic at all

Tumblr, of course. Never in the history of the world has there been anyone or anything that could make human beings fall to their knees, ready to serve, quite like Tumblr. If you wanted a word in the dictionary with the definition ‘a domain regarded with intense feelings of both love and hate’, Tumblr would be that word.

It looks misspelled, but be wary, for that is simply an innocent guise. It starts with you, the strapping adventurer, setting out on a journey to explore this mysterious Tumblr that you’ve heard either so much or so little about. You look at some pictures, watch a couple of videos, listen to some tunes, grin appropriately at gifs and memes of average or above hilarity, feeling at ease and completely unthreatened, but it’s really a trap. I’m not referring to the kind commonly and oh-so stereotypically associated with Thailand, either. Seeing everything that has been reblogged and liked, you figure that you’ve got tastes that would benefit the Tumblr community. Yes, that’s right – you want to be loved. So you make a Tumblr account and this is where real life will start to plummet downward.

When you get your first random follower, you feel like you actually matter in the grand scheme of everything. When a post of yours gets reblogged or liked, you’re essentially the overlord of the entire universe. This is all dandy, but then you begin to realise the impact that this has had on your lifestyle. It hit me at 5am one morning, while I was watching videos on some attractive DJ’s blog (a person’s Tumblr is called a blog – talk about ripping us off) and then reblogging some of them. You tell yourself, “Okay, okay, I’m going to sleep now,” but here’s the truth – you’re not. Tumblr has this nifty feature where, as long as you have blogs to follow or words to type into the search bar, you can basically scroll down forever to discover whole new worlds of exciting paraphernalia (big word, I know, but don’t give up on me now!)

Sure, when you’re starting out, you probably won’t be following that many people, but you need to make yourself known! So, what do you do? Naturally, you check out the pages of people whose posts have been reblogged by people you already follow. They must have good tastes, right!? Be that as it may, like it or not, you’re a wee bit screwed.

Now, I mentioned the joys of people acknowledging your existence, right? Well, the opposite hurts. A lot. When nobody likes or reblogs your posts, you begin to ask yourself why nobody loves you. Tears start to form in your eyes, but you justify them with the number of hours you’ve spent staring at a screen. Let’s face it – you’re lonely and Tumblr doesn’t care. Unfortunately, like I said earlier, Tumblr is a trap. By this point, it’s too late – you’re not allowed to bail out. You need your fix.

Personally, when I started using Tumblr, I couldn’t figure out the purpose of it. I stopped using it after a couple of days. However, time passed and I got bored. Tumblr was there for me. I can forget about it sometimes for long periods by distracting myself, but I know that I’ll come crawling back. That is the power of Tumblr. Or should I call it Tumblor? Mightier than Gamblor with its neon claws, it rules its subjects with a cyber iron fist.

Picture credit: freshnessmag.com

– Deft



1. NinjAND1 (Lemmer) - April 19, 2011

Lol luckily i didn’t have skillz enough to use tumblr.

2. Sunny - August 21, 2011

lol enjoyed reading

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